Cleveland Browns Parking

By  //  July 11, 2022

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Those who have decided to attend the upcoming Cleveland Browns games might as well book their Cleveland Browns parking tickets to ensure an overall smooth experience while reaching the venue. The Browns play their home games at FirstEnergy Stadium, which seats 67,431 people.

It fills up rather quickly and gets crowded when the Browns are playing. So, booking a parking pass in advance is ideal for those who don’t want to get stuck in the lanes.

How To Buy Cleveland Browns Parking

Buy them here > Cleveland Browns Parking


Buy them here > Cleveland Browns Parking Pass

The Cleveland-based US football team originated as an All-America Football Conference member (AAFC) in 1945. They were known to have dominated the league, winning the championship title in all its four seasons of existence. The team played its first season in the NFL in 1950 after the AAFC folded and won. Altogether, they have won eight league championships, eleven conference championships, twelve division titles, and appeared in the postseason games 29 times.

Located at 100 Alfred Lerner Way, Cleveland, Ohio, Brown’s home stadium features six Cleveland Browns parking lots providing ample parking options for fans who have a pre-purchased pass. Therefore, it is crucial for those looking for a parking spot at the venue to get their pass online before the game day. The official lots surrounding the venue are Orange, Black, Red, Yellow, Tan, and Purple Lots.

Accessible parking for fans with disabilities is available on a first-come, first-served basis in the Collection Auto Group Center and Gateway East Parking Garages. Since ADA parking is limited in the official lots, early arrival is recommended. All vehicles obtaining a spot in these spaces should display a valid parking license plate, permit, or placard. Parking attendants are there to guide fans who need help finding an empty spot or getting to their seats from the parking lots. 

Some excellent downtown parking facilities for Cleveland Browns garage parking include the Huntington Garage at 999 Chester Ave, Garage 8199 at 1717 e 9th St, Garage 8401 at 801 Rockwell Ave, and AECOM Garage at 1301 E 6th St. Since finding a parking spot can be time-consuming and stressful on the game day; it is best to reserve them in advance. The parking rates are also much more affordable when bought online. 

Tailgating activities are permitted and encouraged in the Cleveland Browns parking lots. The Lakefront Municipal Lot located at 1500 S Marginal Road is the most popular choice for tailgating near the venue. While the standard parking rate in it is around $5, it can cost $25 during a Browns game. So those planning to tailgate before a game can book a pass at one of these spots beforehand.

Aside from this lot, fans can also enjoy a great selection of food and drinks in the nearby local bars. Some excellent options are Karl’s Inn of the Barrister’s, Bar Louie, Winking Lizard Galleria, Jake’s Lounge, Gillespie’s Map Room, Dive Bar, David’s Grill and Bar, Johnny’s Little Bar, and Bar 32. Fans can bring some food from outside into the venue. 

Cash parking at the Browns parking facilities is not available. Therefore, resorting to an online ticket-selling website is the best option for securing a parking pass affordably and conveniently. Fans who have their parking passes purchased in advance do not need to worry about not getting a spot on the game day. However, it is wise to reach the lot early to reserve the best spot before it gets crowded and congested.

Those who wish to cut parking costs and avoid all kinds of hassle can use public transportation instead of driving themselves to the stadium. The West 3rd Street station located on the Regional Transit Authority (RTA) Waterfront Line is just a two-minute walk from the Cleveland Browns stadium. The standard rate for taking a one-way bus/rail/BRT is $2.50. Fans coming in a group can take Lyft or Uber to get to the stadium conveniently. The pick-up and drop-off locations for rideshares are on Lakeside Avenue.

If you’re a huge fan of the Browns browsing your parking options, there are many to choose from. Depending on the budget and requirements, you can get a Cleveland Browns club parking, VIP parking, general parking, and a covered or open-air spot. Many people have found booking a Cleveland Browns parking pass online helpful as well as more pocket-friendly. 

While all Cleveland Browns games are highly popular, the arrival of teams such as the Pittsburgh Steelers, Cincinnati Bengals, Seattle Seahawks, Detroit Lions, Washington Redskins, and Buffalo Bills draw huge audiences. Therefore, it is wise to pre-purchase your Cleveland Browns parking in advance when attending the games between the Browns and these teams. 

Since many ticket-selling platforms are available online, you might want to check the reviews of those you want to purchase your tickets from, especially if it’s your first time. Also, comparing the top websites is a smart move to make sure that you’re getting the best prices for the passes. That said, don’t wait too long to get the parking passes, as they might sell out before you can get your hands on them.

Cleveland Browns VIP Parking

The venue’s premium parking lots can be accessed by Cleveland Browns VIP parking ticket holders. They are highly preferred due to the various perks and services included, which makes parking even easier for fans. Book a VIP parking ticket if you want a luxurious parking experience. You will get a reserved spot close to the venue when you head over to see your favorite team play.

How Much Does Cleveland Browns VIP Parking Cost?

The price of Cleveland Browns VIP parking passes depends on various factors, like the game type, the team’s matchup, the day of the week, whether it is a day or night game, and so on. Typically, they start at $85 but are subject to change. Searching for the passes online and booking one soon is the best bet for those who want to secure a VIP parking experience at the best price. Since many might be looking for the same, we suggest you don’t waste any time.