Colorado Rockies Parking

By  //  July 10, 2022

Several fans are expected to attend the upcoming Colorado Rockies games. Those who wish to leave their car at a convenient distance from the stadium might want to secure a Colorado Rockies parking ticket beforehand. The Rockies call Coors Field their home. It is a 50,144-capacity baseball stadium located at 2001 Blake Street, Denver, Colorado. 

How To Buy Colorado Rockies Parking

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The Denver-based baseball franchise was established as an expansion team in 1993. They play in the MLB as an NL West Division member and have secured one NL Pennant (2007) to date. Fans everywhere are beyond thrilled to see if the team makes it to the playoffs this season; therefore, the home games are sure to be packed and chanting.

The Rockies’ home stadium features three parking lots for fans to securely park their cars and take only a few minutes walk to the stadium. All parking structures are paved, well-lit, spacious, and open 2.5 hours before the scheduled games. Using your credit card, you can purchase a Colorado Rockies parking spot on game day. But we recommend getting a pass in advance.

The official parking facilities are Lot A, B, C, Valet or VIP Lot, and Parking Garage. Lot A is adjacent to the ballpark, located near Gate A, and Lot B is situated next to Lot A. Note that you can purchase a spot at Lot C through pre-booking only. So if you prefer Lot C, you should search for a pass online before the game day. Other lots are available for on-site purchase if there are empty spots still available. 

Fans can find Colorado Rockies club parking and VIP/Valet parking spaces at the Valet/VIP Lot. They are great options for those who want to spend a little more money and elevate their parking experience. Club members and season ticket holders may already have access to these spots. But you can also purchase one and enjoy the benefits.

The venue’s Parking Garage has four charging stations for EV owners to use while coming to the stadium. You can use it for free if you have a ChargePoint card. If you don’t, the cost of using the stations and other related information is available on the stadium’s official site. Those who want to park their cars in a covered space can head to the Parking Garage to find suitable Colorado Rockies garage parking spots.

Accessible Colorado Rockies parking slots are available in the official lots for fans with disabilities to use. You can also use the ramps, escalators, and elevators to reach different levels in the stadium without difficulty. All vehicles parking in the ADA spaces should display an accessible parking permit, state-issued license plate, or hangtag. Friendly parking staff members will guide you through the process if you need any assistance. 

Colorado Rockies parking passes for spots in the official lots are pretty reasonable. However, there are several other off-site parking facilities offering affordable parking for those who wish to reduce costs. You can head to Dairy Block Garage – 1560 19th St, Beverly Lot – 2000 Larimer St, Music Garage – 1615 18th St, Atrium Garage – 1678 19th St, MVP Lot – 2201 Blake St, 2061 Arapahoe St lot, Kristi Lot – 2060 Larimer St, Kristi Lot – 2060 Larimer St, and 1150 20th St. -Outside Parking Lot for cheap parking near the Rockies stadium.

The most effective way to ensure that you’re paying the best prices for parking passes is to purchase them online. Buying on the game day can be pricier, especially during big games. On-site parking isn’t the best option if you don’t want to take chances. Since there are several reliable websites that offer Colorado Rockies parking passes at competitive rates, you shouldn’t find it hard to get one for the games you wish to attend.

Tailgating at the Rockies stadium isn’t permitted. But that doesn’t mean there’s no fun for fans as there are various bars and restaurants in the vicinity. We recommend Lodo’s Bar & Grill, Blake Street Tavern, Jackson’s LODO, Falling Rock Tap House, and ChopHouse & Brewery Diner.

Getting a parking spot might get more challenging when the Rockies are matched up against the Milwaukee Brewers, Washington Nationals, New York Mets, St. Louis Cardinals, San Diego Padres, and Los Angeles Dodgers. You should also secure your parking passes in advance when the team advances to the playoffs as the games get more intense.

The official parking facilities have 4,300 spots for fans to use. You can reach the stadium via public transit or by driving yourself. As mentioned earlier, parking spaces are available for on-site purchase. But it is much easier and more convenient to pre-purchase one online from your home’s comfort. If you plan to arrive on a bicycle, you can get free parking at Gates A and E.

Thousands of fans watch the Colorado Rockies games every season. Reserve your parking tickets soon to ensure that you have a spot in the lot you prefer. Depending on your requirements and budget, you can purchase a VIP, general, garage, or club parking space. You might not get all these options available later if you wait too long!

Colorado Rockies VIP Parking

Fans looking for an exclusive parking experience can opt for Colorado Rockies VIP parking passes. This option comes with an array of perks and services that make parking more convenient. Ticket holders can get a reserved parking spot close to the stadium anytime they arrive. Valet services are also commonly included in these premium parking options. You can check out VIP parking tickets online and book one for the games you wish to attend.

How Much Does Colorado Rockies VIP Parking Cost?

Depending on various factors like the game type, the team’s opponents, and the day of the week, Colorado Rockies VIP parking costs a starting price of $23. You can find the best deals online if you look early. Also, it is a good idea to compare different ticketing platforms to see if you’re paying the best price for any parking ticket.