Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents In Macon, GA

By  //  July 6, 2022

Jumping to Conclusions is Too Common in Motorcycle Accidents

When a roadway accident occurs and a motorcycle is involved, you can bet that the injuries and damage are significantly higher than in other roadway accidents. 

This is because a motorcycle is no match for a truck or even a tiny car. Motorcycle riders lack a car’s protection, so injuries, damage, and death are higher when a motorcycle is involved in an accident. 

Individuals are too quick to place the blame for roadway accidents involving a motorcycle on the biker. 

Death from Motorcycle Injuries Trump Deaths from Car Accidents

Unfortunately, when a motorcycle is involved in a roadway accident, most entities such as the police, other attorneys, and insurance companies conclude that the accident was the motorcyclist’s fault. They work hard to place the blame on the cyclist. The two things that help protect the motorcyclist are a helmet and protective clothing. Without these, the risk of death is high. 

For whatever reasons, recent studies of car and motorcycle accidents show that death from motorcycle accidents was nearly 30% higher. A motorcyclist has a high risk for more severe injuries and, all too often, permanent disability or death. 

The following are the more common injuries to motorcyclists because they do not have protection around them like occupants in a car.

 Head injuries resulting in brain injuries

Neck and spinal injuries

Permanent paralysis

Nerve damage

Muscle damage


Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents in Macon, GA

Our experienced and seasoned law firm represents those injured or killed in motorcycle accidents in Georgia. Like many other people, we never conclude that the motorcyclist was the negligent driver on the road. We first review all the facts surrounding the accident.

According to The National Safety Council, there is a small percentage of motorcycles on the road compared to nearly 97% of cars and trucks. Unfortunately, there are a significant number of drivers of cars and trucks that detest sharing the road with motorcycles. 

Our attorneys never know who is at fault for a motorcycle accident until they review all the facts. The Governor’s Office of Highway Safety in Georgia lists motorcycle traffic crashes and deaths. These latest figures for 2019 represent: 

2% of all roadway accidents

11% of total traffic deaths

21% of total driver deaths 

These figures show that deaths from motorcycle accidents have been increasing over the last few years by 22 %. For example,

2017 = 139 deaths

2018 = 154 deaths

2019 = 170 deaths

2020 = 179 deaths

Reports show that the more populated areas in Georgia, such as Macon and Atlanta, have a significantly higher number of motorcycle crashes. The common causes of motorcycle accidents might have been prevented were it not for the negligent actions of another driver.

■ Drinking while driving

This cause of motorcycle accidents is the primary cause and accounts for at least half of all motorcycle accidents when the cyclist or other driver is impaired due to alcohol consumption. 

■ Speeding

Speeding is the cause of accidents, with motorcycles accounting for at least one-third of all motorcycle accidents. 

Weather conditions, including poor visibility

Changing lanes

This accident happens when a biker enters the blind spot of the car in front of them.

Not paying attention

Rear-end collisions

This accident happens when the cyclist is stopped at a stop sign or light, and the car approaching the light does not see the cyclist stopped and runs into the back of the bike. 

Obstacles in the roadway

Motorcycle accidents happen when the tires on a motorcycle hit sand, dirt, stones, or other highway debris and the biker loses control. 

Driver cut-offs

Cars can quickly cut off a motorcycle driver by turning in front of the biker. This can happen as the car travels in the opposite direction of the biker, causing a head-on accident. 

Reckless driving

High-performance motorcycles

Bikers who own and operate cycles categorized as super sport or high-performance bikes significantly raise the risk of an accident. Some bikers opt to buy these high-performance bikes and do not know how to drive them safely.

Worn tires

Worn tires on a motorcycle will not give good traction on the road, causing the cycle to slip or skid. 

Know the Laws in Georgia for Motorcycles

All states have their own motorcycle laws. Motorcyclists in Georgia need to know the laws in that state. If you do not know the state’s laws, it could mean a hefty fine, penalty, or more if this lack of knowledge causes an accident.

If you drove a motorcycle and were in an accident in which you believe the other driver was at fault, please call this Macon motorcycle accident attorney to review the facts of your case. Negligent drivers cause accidents, and these drivers and their insurance companies should not be able to get off free without paying a suitable settlement to the injured biker. 

We will investigate your circumstances and how the accident happened. We will gather the many forms of evidence needed to win you a fair and just award for all of your unexpected expenses, pain, and suffering now and into the future. 

You need time to heal physically, emotionally, and mentally. We are at your service to win a negligent accident case in your favor. Please direct all phone calls you receive from the defendant, their attorneys, and insurance companies to your attorney.

We want you to take this time to heal. We will do all the communication with these entities. And never accept any early settlement amounts from any insurance company. These amounts may sound terrific but they are never enough to pay for your unexpected costs, including loss of wages. 

Once you accept an offer, as good as it seems, your case is closed. You can never file another claim. Allow us time to calculate your losses in the past, present-day, and future, then we can give you a settlement amount that is fair and just to pay for everything associated with your accident. We make sure you are not short-changed by a less than adequate settlement amount.

We will remain by your side now and into the future for as long as you need us.