Detroit Lions Parking

By  //  July 10, 2022

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Finding a convenient parking space might be time-consuming as well as hectic for fans who plan to watch a big Detroit Lions game. However, that isn’t the case for those who book their parking passes beforehand. Try booking your Detroit Lions parking passes online this time to see the wonders it does for you while parking outside the stadium!

How To Buy Detroit Lions Parking

Buy them here > Detroit Lions Parking


Buy them here > Detroit Lions Parking Pass

The American football team from Detroit, Michigan, competes in the NFL as a part of the NFC North Division. They were established in 1930 as the Portsmouth Spartans and joined the National Football League in July 1930. The team won four NFL Championship titles between 1935 and 1957 (before the Super Bowl era), four Conference titles, four Division titles, and appeared in the postseason games 21 times.

The Detroit Lions have called many stadiums their home until moving to Ford Field in 2002. It is a domed football stadium situated at 2000 Brush Street, Detroit, Michigan, accommodating up to 78,000 guests. If you’re planning to drive yourself to a Lions game, you would want to look at the driving directions to the stadium and also discover all parking options in the vicinity to reserve a spot in advance.

The official parking facilities are adjacent to the team’s home stadium. Comerica Park also opens for fans to park their cars during the games. You can find many Detroit Lions garage parking spots at Ford Field Parking Deck. They are available on an hourly basis, and rates vary depending on the games. Other parking spaces closest to the venue are available at Lot 4 at the stadium’s north, Lot 6 next to the Ford Field parking garage, and Lot 5 beside the Montcalm and Brush streets.

You can also pick a Detroit Lions parking spot at D Garage Parking, 850 Witherell, Lions/Tigers Garage, and 61 E, Elizabeth. These facilities offer shuttle services to and fro the stadium. Note that parking rates can spike during big games and championship events.

Fans looking for accessible parking can find spaces in the official Lot 4 and the Parking Deck. To obtain one of these spots, you should display an ADA placard, license plate, or permit. They are available through pre-purchase and on a first-come, first-served basis, where fans can use any major credit card.

There are several other parking structures provided for Olympia Development for fans who wish to tailgate. These lots are available for all game days and preferred by many because the parking lots near the stadium do not permit tailgating. Parking in the Ford Field garages and lots tend to fill up very quickly because they are accessed on a first-come, first-served basis. That is why we recommend booking a Detroit Lions parking spot in one of the self-parking facilities nearby. Some are quite far away from the venue, but they are often favored due to their low prices compared to the official parking.

Some downtown parking facilities are Park-Rite, Inc. 440 Madison St, 222 Bagley Ave Valet-Assist Lot, Pak Parking 1545 Broadway St, 200 Madison St Uncovered Lot, 533 Abbott St 551 Michigan Ave, Premier Parking 1426 Broadway St, Greektown Casino Valet Parking, 720 Griswold St Garage, 151 W Adams Ave Uncovered Lot, and Wayne Parking 114 W Adams Ave.

As mentioned already, the parking lots adjacent to the stadium do not allow tailgating. But there are many other options for fans who want to tailgate with their family or friends before a Lions game. You can find a spot in any Olympia Develop or Eastern Market surface lots, which are only a few minutes walk away from the Fold Field. While regular parking rates start at around $10, you’ll need to pay extra for tailgating. The Eastern Market parking lots offer shuttle bus services every fifteen minutes to the stadium. You can also check out the Greektown neighborhood for affordable parking and tailgating.

Whether you wish to get a VIP, general, garage, open surface, or Detroit Lions club parking spot, the options are plenty if you start looking early. Make sure to book your parking passes before the game day to ensure that you get a spot. Searching for parking on game day is very risky as you might not find one near the stadium or any other space at all if you arrive late.

Every Lions game is a thrilling experience for fans; however, there are certain matchups that draw bigger crowds than standard game days. Secure your Detroit Lions parking passes in advance when the Lions are scheduled to play with the New England Patriots, Kansas City Chiefs, Chicago Bears, Tampa Bay Buccaneers, Dallas Cowboys, Green Bay Packers, Buffalo Bills, and Los Angeles Chargers. You should also expect a packed venue when teams like the Seattle Seahawks, Minnesota Vikings, and New York Giants arrive.

Those who don’t wish to take public transportation can find the local rail and bus that travels to and fro the area. Bus routes 023, 019, 006, 004, and 003 run to the stadium. In addition, you can also use QLINE Light Rail and DPM to travel to the stadium conveniently and cost-effectively. However, since Detroit Lions parking can easily be reserved online, you wouldn’t need to worry about not finding a spot on the game day with a pre-purchased pass in your hand.

Detroit Lions VIP Parking

Check out Detroit Lions VIP parking if you want to enjoy extra amenities during the parking process. VIP parking lots are available very close to the venue, from where you can conveniently get to your seats in no time. Some of these exclusive parking options also offer valet parking, so take a look at your options before making your final purchase.

How Much Does Detroit Lions VIP Parking Cost?

Fans can buy Detroit Lions VIP parking passes for a starting price of $44. The prices can vary from one game to another depending on the day of the week, the team’s opponents, and so on. However, you will get the best deals on the VIP parking passes if you book early.