E-Bikes Are Not a Lie

By  //  July 29, 2022

For every time someone has questioned whether you get any exercise riding an e-bike or whether e-bikes are a scam of some sort, we will be dedicating this article today to providing you with an answer.

This is especially true with experienced cyclists who are accustomed to regular bikes and keep questioning the integrity of innovations in riding. They think any attempt to introduce convenience to the sport means you will not be getting exercise anymore.

Sadly for them, e-bike sales are already rising to outmatch sales of regular bikes. Their words have done nothing to change the minds of people enjoying the benefits of e-bikes as they continue to grow in popularity. We also understand that others have reasons for preferring conventional bikes, and we respect that. We will be enlightening you on why e-bikes work and the reasons why ever-increasing numbers of people agree daily. Stay tuned!

Why E-bikes Are The Truth

■ You Get The Same Exercise

This is probably the biggest question asked about e-bike riding. Many think using an e-bike nullifies your entire workout. If that were true, would that not make e-bikes just another motorcycle or moped? Over time, studies have shown that these assumptions could not be wrong.

The truth is, that e-bikes do not take out the workout element for the rider. They provide an option for when the rider gets tired. They can keep going through pedal assist. This option to go further has proven to help riders keep interested and get fresh air while getting their energy levels back up. This is why some get more exercise than riders operating on traditional bikes.

■ The Experience Is User-defined

This statement is as true as it gets. It is overzealous for someone else to presume they can tell you otherwise about the equipment you use and trust. If you decide to question their knowledge about e-bikes, do not be surprised if you are correct. This is because the way you use your machine depends on you and the level of workout you need. So, the user experience is tailored to the individual’s needs.

We understand that we could all be riding conventional bikes and getting the same workouts, but what fun would that be? Also, we have seniors and people advised by their doctors to engage in light or medium-level exercise.

E-bikes are perfect for them because they can always adjust the power settings to accommodate their requirements. The motor’s assistance is usually exaggerated by people who do not know about conserving energy to achieve a longer range. If you will be considering any words, listen to e-bike professionals and experienced e-bike riders.

■ You Can Ride For Longer

Here is an outstanding quality of e-bikes, and one big reason people assume e-bikes are only an easy way out. The adjustable nature of e-bikes is why you can ride for longer. You can easily adjust your power settings to use the battery power if you are tired of pedaling. This is not a reason to hate but to embrace e-bikes. Do you want to stop when you are tired?

A bike with a powerful motor and strong battery is the best electric bicycle to enjoy a longer range. Take the Himiway Big Dog cargo e-bike for example, with its 750W motor and 48V 20Ah battery that can go about 80 miles. The question easily becomes  ‘How far do you not want to go?’.

■ You Can Build Your Confidence

When you ride an e-bike that provides you with a longer range, it is natural for you to get better at the sport. A long-range bike is a perfect condition for a newbie to become a pro. With the longer riding hours, interest is maintained.

Your view changes, so your mind is off your insecurities, and confidence can take its place. For experienced riders who already know about the battery option, e-bikes make it possible to ride for longer and get more exercise. You can also afford to explore more of your location. Get ready to exceed all your previous riding limits. No matter how tired you get, you will always find your way home.

■ You Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

E-bikes are usually regarded by many as one of our many steps into futuristic transportation. This is generally because e-bikes have proven that they can replace cars for commuting, camping, grocery shopping, taking children to school, and many other purposes. And without the added disadvantage of releasing poisonous fumes into the atmosphere. These bikes are zero-emission vehicles, meaning they do not emit any gases into the atmosphere.

E-bikes are best for you if you are an avid lover of nature especially and love venturing into the wild in your RV or 4×4. Why not try embarking on your quiet time with nature using an equally quiet means of transport? Apart from noise pollution, the resulting air pollution will leave a bigger carbon footprint than if you are exploring with your electric bicycle. E-bikes are also a perfect option for families choosing to downsize their other cars to reduce their daily emissions.


For many reasons, e-bike riders enjoy an improved lifestyle over what they tend to enjoy on a regular bike. However, both enjoy so much more than in a car where you sometimes have to sit through traffic while polluting the environment with carbon fumes. These and more are why many more people are making the switch to electric bike use for their daily commuting needs. It is a more cost-effective means of transportation with lots of health and environmental benefits.

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