French Business Etiquette

By  //  July 15, 2022

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Familiarity, And Access

The shift from being formal to comfortable can be due to various reasons. It is a sure sign that the relationship between two people is at an intimate and more pleasant scale.

This is, in turn, an indication of respect and equality. It’s a “marker.” The transition to familiarity doesn’t cause any particular issues in the private world. The transition can happen naturally. In another scenario, two people rely on familiarity from their first encounter.

In professional settings, The loss of formality is. However, it is more complicated. There isn’t an instant connection! There are two options for the person offering to you the “you” yourself, or you ask him to use the more informal version. However, we are only permitted to utilize “you” after we have decided to use it in conjunction, which is to say, together with your partner.

Additionally, the principle of privacy is also applicable to professional relationships. If two individuals aren’t identical in their positions within the organization. Thus, it’s the person who is higher up the hierarchy (the manager, the head of the department, etc.) that has the authority to recommend this action. In any event, the relationship is reciprocal. For instance, an employer who makes his employees”friends” can’t simultaneously insist that it is “you” because the matter is concerning.

While a family atmosphere can certainly increase the sense of community within an organization, it could reduce authority. Furthermore, the social atmosphere in families could eventually affect productivity and concentration in the workplace. This is why avoiding using the same family members in your professional life is generally better. “You,” or the “you,” is a sign of respect, which creates a distance appropriate in this situation. If you are using”the “you,” there is no chance of being rude.


Based on one of the common myths, one of the most popular stereotypes is that the Frenchman has always been late and doesn’t apologize for this fact! This cliche shatters the German virtue of always being punctual (almost) with no exception. Although we would prefer to be at least 5 minutes earlier, The Frenchman typically allows himself plenty of time to not worry about other people:


The Frenchman working in his profession is not just a coworker or business associate: During a formal gathering or at a business dinner, it is acceptable to engage in an informal conversation. But, the topics of conversation need to be picked with care.

1. Conversations are usually private but are rarely about your family. Don’t discuss your kids or your partner unless you have been asked by a coworker the question in a clear way!

2. It’s disrespectful and insensitive to ask questions about marital status, age, or job. The topics “religion” and “salary” must be avoided.

3. Discussing political topics such as World War II or current European political issues pose a significant danger. Your conversation with someone could spark an argument that turns violent if not cautious.

4. Choose lighter and more relaxing topics like literature, art or music, cooking, or wine. Conversations like this do not pose any special issues; everybody can speak up.

5. Be cautious not to insult the proudness of your French colleagues. This means you could get everyone’s attention! Therefore, it’s not recommended to slander a famous writer, President, or other historical individuals such as Napoleon. Suppose you are awed by French technology or culture like the TGV. In that case, you can, in the end, definitely make an excellent impression.


As a centralized nation where the bulk of commerce takes place in Paris, the majority of Parisians can communicate in basic English because of the international ties. If you want to reside and work in France, It is important to communicate in French! If you are a bit rusty with your understanding, You can learn French online before starting the job. You can also use apps and websites for learning. There are thousands of websites and apps for online learning. italki French teachers are available to teach the students and people who want to go to France. They teach the students and people how to speak french fluently in a few days. If you are in correspondence with your prospective employer, pay particular attention to spelling errors as it indicates respect. Even if your French may not be perfect, do not be afraid to use it.

Speaking French isn’t just a requirement for working the job. It also indicates that you’re keen on the cultural background of the country you visit. Most of the time, you will find that the French will correct you. Do not be bored! Your coworkers are only there to assist you.


Based on an analysis of cross-cultural differences, Germans tend to focus on their work.” The relationships between colleagues occur at the professional scale. The French say that in France, “conviviality and sympathy are essential when it comes to professional relations” Because of this, the French spent the time needed to establish good relationships with their friends.

The idea of inviting a coworker to a meal is a popular method of establishing and deepening relationships. The following guidelines should be followed:

1. Do not decline an invitation. It’s disrespectful and could sever professional relationships.

2. German punctuality is not a big draw for any person in public. It can come off as unfriendly and inconsiderate. If you’re invited to a friend’s home, be there 15 minutes before the designated time. This will give your host enough time to prepare his food.

3. Follow the rules of proper manners of conduct. Do not sit down and drink or eat until your host has invited you to do so.

Meet one another

The French like to kiss one the other. It’s a tradition that they begin to learn at an early age! This gesture is very common in the private world (family or friendships, gatherings, hobbies, etc. ); however, it is not the norm in the professional world. In any event, various factors determine how to greet one another, like the age, situation of the person concerned, and the level of their bond. Therefore, greeting one another can create several issues when you travel in a foreign country.

The most effective way to resolve this dilemma is to be able to adapt to your French friends or colleagues’ behavior. You will never be unintentionally rude or cold. Concerning the command, the subordinate is always the first to greet.

Shake hands

At work, it’s more usual to kiss hands, particularly between men. Only those who have been friends for a long period and who enjoy a close relationship will kiss. Also, don’t kiss your boss or supervisor when he isn’t offering the kiss to you! When forming a relationship when you are interacting, keeping eye contact with each other is essential.

Like in Germany, we stand up to greet each other. It’s also an act of respect to not shake hands with someone else’s hand you have in your pocket. Doing a stare at the other’s arm or hand using your hands is an indication of disrespect. It’s also a sign of power and should be avoided when you shake hands with your boss.