FWC Division of Law Enforcement Weekly Highlights For Cases In Brevard County

By  //  July 8, 2022

FWC OFFICERS NAIL FISH POACHERS, issue federal citation for red snapper violations

The following report highlights some cases the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission handled in Brevard County over the past week but does not include all actions taken by the Division of Law Enforcement.

BREVARD COUNTY, FLORIDA – Lieutenant Lightsey attempted to stop a vessel returning to a local boat ramp. Once the vessel got close and saw the officer it turned and began slowly moving away from the ramp.

Lieutenant Lightsey attempted to stop the vessel by activating his blue lights and siren and telling him to stop using his public address system. The officer was close enough to identify the operator of the vessel as the owner of the only truck in the parking lot.

Major Russel arrived on the scene to assist, and both officers hid until the operator eventually returned to the boat ramp. Once at the ramp, a vessel safety inspection was performed.

The operator was issued a Notice to Appear for failure to allow inspection by an FWC officer, failure to apply for vessel title within 30 days, and a warning for navigation lights not working properly.

Officer Beck was on water patrol in the Indian River when he saw a vessel operating on a full plane within a slow-speed manatee zone.

Officer Beck maintained a visual of the vessel for some time and finally observed it slowing down in the manatee zone next to some recreational blue crab traps.

Officer Beck approached the vessel to conduct a vessel stop and resource inspection. The resource inspection resulted in the subject having 11 misdemeanor violations related to the blue crab traps in addition to other infraction level violations. The subject was educated and cited according.

While observing fisherman at the Sebastian Inlet State Park, Officer St. Martin became aware of an individual attempting to conceal an illegal redfish in his cooler.

While conducting resource inspections on the north jetty Officer St. Martin located the fisherman and the over-slot redfish in the cooler. When interviewed the fisherman admitted knowing the size limits for redfish. The fisherman was cited accordingly.

While on vessel patrol off the coast of Brevard County, Officer Specialist Kearney and Officer Snyder, along with NOAA Agent Carrodeguas, observed a commercial vessel heading in from a popular fishing spot.

They approached the vessel and conducted a resource inspection. Aboard they found that the charter captain had kept three red snapper harvested in federal waters and had no descending device. The captain was issued a federal citation for the violations.


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