Gambling Glossary: Sports Betting Slang and Terminology

By  //  July 30, 2022

Sports betting has a rich lexicon of slang and specialized jargon, just like any other industry culture.

If you’re new to sports betting and the lingo seems a little intimidating, don’t panic. We are here to help you out. In our thorough archive, we have covered the most uncommon words and phrases related to sports betting.

Learning the language of a game is much more than just sounding cool and fitting in. It’s crucial to complete your research and comprehend each and every betting alternative if you want to have the best possibility of striking it rich. It’s also quite challenging to achieve that without being fluent in gambling jargon.

You’ll be well versed in no time if you keep reading for the alphabetized list of terms in our betting glossary.

Our Top-picked Gambling Terms


The number of times a team has defeated the point spread is referred to as its “against the spread” record. A club with a 3-2 ATS record has covered the points difference three times while falling short of doing so twice.


A bet runner lays bets on behalf of seasoned gamblers so they can avoid being recognized by bookmakers.

Belmont Stakes

The Belmont Stakes is the third leg of the thoroughbred racing Triple Crown. At Belmont Park in Elmont, New York, the race is held on the first or second Saturday in June, which is three weeks after the Preakness Stakes.

Before you start online sports betting on the Belmont Stakes, read about the many types of bets you may make, how to calculate the odds, and some insider knowledge regarding the Run for the Carnations.

Exotic bets

Bets that are not made using point spreads, money lines, or game totals. The most popular sorts of exotic bets include proposition bets, specials, and parlays.

Grand Salami

On any given day, bookmakers provide Over/Under bets on the total goals, runs, or points earned in all of the games in a particular league. The mark may be fixed at 36.5 combined scores with -110 on both teams as the most popular juice if the NFL schedule has seven games.

Half ball handicap 

The term refers to soccer wagering odds where the point spread is 0.5 goals, give or take.


Buying tickets for a wager on both sides. when a betting line changes before a game, giving bettors the chance to hedge.

Odds shopping

Odds shopping is the process of comparing the odds offered by various sportsbooks to obtain the best value.

Off-the-board (OTB)

Also known as OTB, these games are listed on betting screens but do not have odds associated with them. A star player’s injury can prompt bookies to remove their odds from the table.

Spread betting

Choosing to take or lay points while speculating on a contest. A spread bet would be Los Angeles at -7 point odds versus New York (+7). To be declared the winner, the Rams must beat the Giants by a margin of at least eight points. When betting on favorites, bettors cover the spread and take it when betting on underdogs.

Our Top-picked gambling slang


losing your savings, going bankrupt, or going broke.


A person who is supposed to bring bad fortune.


It is used to represent $1,000.

Dime Line

It is a wagering proposition with a 10% commission.


A different term for the commission on wagers that the casino or sportsbook charges.


A bet that is so heavily favored that it is regarded as a foregone conclusion.


A player. Punter frequently suggests that the bettors are amateur gamblers rather than professionals.


A novice gambler who just occasionally plays.


A betting line rises because many bets are being placed on it. This can occur when the majority of the general population is betting the same way, but it can also occur when a coordinated group of experts is taking full advantage of a poor line.


A team whose defeat in the match is expected.


Your betting edge or equity. Typically, it is used to describe odds or lines that are especially favorable.

Vig (Vigorish)

The term “vig” (Vigorish, often spelled “juice”) refers to the compensation a casino or sportsbook charges on bets.

Final Words

In the US, legalized sports betting is rapidly growing, and punters are ready to stake a few dollars on their favorite sporting events. Hopefully, our list of some typical sports betting terms that a novice truly needs will help you in your future betting endeavors.