How To Hire The Right Energy Auditor

By  //  July 4, 2022

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Energy auditing is quickly becoming an important tool for reducing utility bills.  With an energy audit, you can easily identify areas your business is wasting energy. An energy audit will also save you money. You will also use it to switch to a new supplier through Utility Bidder.

However, you need accurate figures from an energy audit. One of the best ways to realize good results is by hiring the right energy auditor. However, there are several auditors out there. So, how do you hire a good auditor? Keep reading to find out top tips and tricks for hiring the best energy auditor.


A good auditor should show integrity in his/her work. He/she should be objective when analyzing information. A good auditor should have high moral value. Choose resilient auditor. He/she should offer constructive analysis.

Effective Communicator

Any internal auditor should possess excellent communication skills. Besides producing excellent reports, you should have a good command of English. Remember, he/she will have to communicate your reports to other stakeholders. Thus, pay close attention to the communication skills of that auditor.

Choose a clear, concise, and coherent auditor. Conduct interviews with various auditors to find out their communication skills. They should present information in a simple but concise way. A good auditor should understand how to use the visual display to explain complex information.

Result Oriented

The main work of energy auditing is to identify energy-saving opportunities. Your audit report should show areas your company is wasting energy. This information will be used to come up with energy-saving recommendations. That’s why you need a result-oriented energy auditor.

He/she should be willing to spend a lot of time getting the job done. A committed auditor will not move away from your company without finding the solution. He/she should use energy auditing expertise to give you practical recommendations.

Tech Savvy

Modern technology has simplified how things are done. You can use energy auditing software to achieve results quickly and more efficiently. These tools are also comprehensive and accurate.

As a company owner, you should choose an auditor who is well versed in auditing tools. These tools save time, give accurate results, and make energy management easy. Use interviews to gauge the level of expertise of the auditor you intend to hire. Ask the auditor about the auditing tools he/she will use.

Collaborative Relationships

A good auditor should engage as well as influence stakeholders. He/she should also cultivate trust, respect, etc. These relationships are instrumental when making important decisions. Remember, relationships are important when promoting understanding. They also help enhances the sharing of information within an organization.

Ready To Learn

Energy auditing is an evolving field. Things keep on changing. A good auditor should be ready to learn new things. He/she should also be open to new ideas. For instance, if your company is adopting new technology, the auditor should be ready to research and learn about that technology.

He/she should be willing to learn about your company’s goals, targets, financial strengths, and technological level. Also, choose an auditor who is always curious about new auditing tools and technologies. Learning about emerging auditing trends is also very important.

Use Data Analytics

An auditor will be prompted with a lot of data. Too much data can be overwhelming. A skilled auditor should use data analytics to compare and analyze data from energy audits. These skills are instrumental when it comes to handling an audit life cycle.


The goal of an energy audit is to solve energy-related issues in your company. An auditor should go the extra mile to discover areas you have been wasting energy. Being innovative will help him/her draft the most practical auditing report.

Choose a creative energy auditor. A good auditor should be ready to learn new technologies and creatively simplify any information. He/she should also be forward-thinking. Choose an auditor who embraces open-mindedness. He/she should be a risk-taker.

Approved By Your Utility Company

Most utilities provide their customers with rebates on home energy audits. An energy-efficient home typically means reduced energy bills.

Nonetheless, it’s important to note that for you to benefit from these rebates, you must utilize a company that’s fully recognized by your local authority. The company must be registered, approved, and verified. It should be recognized as a reputable company that meets the required standards for training, as well as, credentialing.

Thus, if you’re thinking of performing an energy audit, begin your search for recognized companies or contractors.

Complete Analysis

Perform a thorough diagnosis of your home’s energy issues. Inspect the foundation, walls, thermal imaging, attic, basement, and crawlspace. You may also want to consider testing combustion appliances and reviewing your energy usage in these areas to understand your consumption trends.

With the help of sophisticated equipment, an experienced energy auditor can identify problems that aren’t usually visible to the naked eye. He or she will generate a report highlighting the main issues and recommend possible solutions. For better results, the auditor should act courteously and respectfully. He or she should be ready to answer your questions whenever necessary.

BPI Certification

Make sure that the energy auditor is BPI-certified. These professionals perform a comprehensive analysis of your home’s energy efficiency and recommend the best solutions. Plus, they’re trained to provide their clients with friendly service.

An energy audit will provide you with actionable insights into your energy consumption and how to make your home more energy-efficient. The work of an energy auditor is to assess your home, provide suggestions, and assist you with your rebate.

Get An Audit Today

Are you looking for a quick way to minimize your energy bills? Well, it’s time you consider performing an energy audit. This will help you identify potential areas of improvement. Plus, it will help you determine what updates you need to create a more comfortable and energy-efficient space. The most important thing is to find a qualified provider who’ll provide you with the solutions you need.

The Bottom-Line

Don’t choose any energy auditor. Select a reputable auditor. Look at his/her track record. He/she should have effective communication skills. Attention to detail is important. Use the above tips and tricks to hire the right energy auditor.