How to Pass the GAMSAT Test?

By  //  July 29, 2022

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When you plan to get through the GAMSAT test, you must be among the top 20% of those who appear for the test. If you don’t get a high score, there are fewer chances of moving ahead with an interview.

Moreover, you will have to wait for the next year and start preparing again. But, to study well, many individuals buy multiple sets of preparation books, courses and more. So, in this article, we shall cover free Gamsat resources that can help you improve your skills.

What are the free resources for the first section?

Once you start preparing for the first section, you need to improve your skills with interpretation. Besides, you also need to understand the ideas in the cultural and social contexts. Hence, you must go through many online newspapers and magazines to enhance your knowledge. While you can check out ‘New York Times and ‘The Guardian for current news, you can also visit the site of ‘The Irish Times.

You can go through the open access journal as you focus on honing social sciences and humanities reasoning skills. To improve your comprehension and reading skills, you must enjoy reading the stories published in American Literature. A step ahead, you can find many cartoons with numerous topics on Cartoon Stock. If you want to improve diagrammatic reasoning, you can appear for some tests through the site of ‘Assessment Day.

What are the various free resources you need for Section 2?

While you start preparing for the second section, you will have to develop ideas for writing tasks. Generally, this section tests your writing skills and how well you can present your thoughts. So, if you don’t have any ideas for the essay section, you can gather than through ‘Ted Talks’. To check out the writing style and flow, you can go through 150 essays on the website ‘’.

You can later use the ‘Online Quote Generators’ if you need certain ideas for writing essays. Such tools help you to generate random quotations for the essays. But, to glimpse through the essay topics asked in the past tests, you must visit the site, ‘GAMSAT Review Blog’. Subsequently, you will get an idea of the GAMSAT style quotes whenever you download the pdf file.

What kind of free resources should you go through for the third section?

When you’re about to cover Section 3 in the test, you will have to be good with the reasoning in the field of science. In addition to problem-solving, you must comprehend basic science concepts.

You will also have to understand the context while answering the questions. Hence, in that case, you must navigate the official website of ‘Khan Academy. Soon after going through the website, you will build a deep understanding of the subjects in math and science.

Apart from the site of ‘Khan Academy, you can visit the UK-based website of the BBC. Soon after you go through the website, you can check out more about the online lessons on different web pages.

If you are completely unaware of the various concepts, then the website will take you through everything related to science. For diving deep into Physics, Chemistry and Biology, you can go through YouTube videos on the channel ‘Professor Davis Explains’.

Are there any more videos to prepare for Section 3?

Whenever you’re working hard to prepare for GAMSAT, you will have to gather more about science. You can subscribe to the channels named ‘Armando Hasudungan’ and ‘Osmosis’. The videos on such channels will always help you understand the concepts and the subjects pretty well. On the whole, YouTube channels make learning more engaging and efficient. But, if you seek videos on different fields, you must go through the channel ‘CrashCourse’.

As far as Chemistry is concerned, you can skim through a single-page website of Chemguide’. While this website presents the different subjects in a tabular format, you can click on the hyperlinks to take you to certain topics. If you’re not good with Organic Chemistry, then the YouTube channel ‘Organic Chemistry Tutor’ can be helpful. Once you go through the video playlist, you can learn more about some tricks to memorize things.

What else can you rely on for GAMSAT preparation?

When you get the official ACER booklet, you will know what types of questions are asked in the test. The booklet contains general information regarding the test. But, if you want to know the timing and several details, you can visit the official website.

On the other hand, you can check out Gamsat Review online to get free Section 3 practice tests. If you visit Slideshare, you can get an idea of the questions students have posted from the forum.

If you wish to gain a competitive edge, then it’s necessary to go through the home study system of Griffiths GAMSAT Review. While the official website takes you through the different sections, you can easily learn the techniques.

You can think about implementing strategies to do well on the final day. Once you go through the home study course, you can pass the test with a good score. You will no longer have to spend long hours on different forums while other individuals try to find the best learning approach.


To summarize, plenty of free resources are available online to prepare for the GAMSAT exam. To increase your knowledge base, you must get into the habit of reading magazines and newspapers present online. If you’re concerned about reasoning skills in Humanities and Social Sciences, you can refer to an online open-access journal. To improve your writing style to a better extent, you have to read many essays which people post online.

For the final section, you can develop your comprehension skills through the Khan Academy’s site and the ‘BBC’. If you’re finding it difficult to memorize things, many YouTube channels can be helpful. The official ACER booklet will also give an idea about the type of questions you will come across in the test.

As you work hard to get a good score, you can follow the system by Griffiths GAMSAT Review. You can learn the tricks and gather some tips to solve even the most challenging type of questions. However, it would help if you increased your reading speed to get more time to answer the questions.