How to Style Your Choli for Any Occasion

By  //  July 29, 2022

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Equally traditional as they are stylish, Lehenga Choli is the perfect choice for a wedding, festival, function, or any occasion. This outfit is hassle-free in that it comes as a set, but it is sure to leave onlookers amazed with its gorgeous options with cut, fabric, and style. For anyone who did not grow up around this garb, or who is maybe attending an Indian wedding for the first time and feels lost, here is what you need to know.

To review, a choli is a top and a lehenga is a skirt, while the dupatta is the shawl that ties it all together. You can see how these three together can make for a million different style options that can cater to your unique cut and color preferences. 

Choosing your choli can be the most formative and unique choice in the Lehenga Choli experience. The choli is probably the most versatile piece in that it comes in many different cuts and styles, while the lehenga tends to stick to the more traditional cut. Another way that you can control the look of your outfit is by wearing your dupatta in different ways. The options are endless!

Knowing your style options when it comes to the Lehenga Choli is the most fun part of putting together the perfect outfit for any occasion. There are more traditional, gorgeous options that are perfect for a more formal event, and then there are so many new modern, flattering cuts that are great for self-expression and a night out at a less traditional function. No matter where it is you are headed, here are some different choli style options that will be helpful in finding the perfect match for any occasion. 

First off, pick your ideal cut of choli for the occasion you’re going to. You and you alone know what style and cut make you feel the most comfortable. You know what cuts you gravitate to and what are the most flattering on you. However, now more than ever the choli top has a million different cuts and options beyond just the classic short sleeve and long sleeve top.

If you are looking to expand your options, there are cholis out there that come in a one-shoulder cut, an off-the-shoulder look, a deep plunging V, a high-necked cut, a half-sleeve option, a strapless tube top blouse, a backless top, a bralette style choli, a tank cut, or a spaghetti strap style. 

If you feel a little lost trying to figure out which lehenga choli is appropriate for different occasions and events, you’re in luck! Many online shopping sites for choli will let you filter the lehenga choli by events. Whether you’re looking for a bridal, bridesmaid, cocktail, engagement, Mehendi ceremony, or a party outfit, choosing the style of your choli just got a whole lot simpler thanks to the many resources that are available for you to filter by the event.

Furthermore, choosing your lehenga choli can be impacted by the context and style of those you are celebrating with. Whether you’re going for an Anarkali or Lucknowi lehenga choli, or a more Indo-western design, the options are endless. 

Next, know that you have plenty of options when it comes to the embroidery of your choli. This can be a very stylistic decision when looking into different choli tops. Choosing how it’s embroidered can drastically change the overall look. Some options to be aware of are lehenga cholis that are embroidered or bedazzled with foil, buta, mirror pieces, sequins, stone pieces, thread, and zari. Additionally, some more modern cholis are not embroidered at all and are perhaps digitally printed with various designs such as a floral print. 

Fourth, choosing the density and type of fabric on your choli can impact the look that you’re going for. There are so many options out there, so taking the time to familiarize yourself with the different names of the fabrics will help you refine your search for the perfect choli for your occasion. Start by looking into chanderi cotton, dupioni silk, georgette fabric, net fabric, organza fabric, satin fabric, satin georgette, silk fabric, tabby silk, and velvet fabric. 

Lastly, how you choose to wrap your dupatta, can make a drastic style difference in how your overall outfit turns out. Whether you’re going for the simple drape around, the free-falling look the half pleated pallus with it draping off one shoulder, the waist belt drape, cowls style, rolling it around on your arm or wrist, the sari look, or the shawl style, you are able to change the style of your choli for any occasion solely based off of how you wear your dupatta.