How Tote Bags are Changing the World

By  //  July 14, 2022

It’s been some time now since people have started to understand the harms of plastic bags, thanks to the endless efforts of climate change activists. It didn’t become an overnight sensation in any way rather it took people decades to understand the worth of reusable bags. Now, tote bags have become a part of life for millions around the globe as their daily carrier for shopping, grocery, and much more. 

The fact that they are functional plays a huge role in their popularity but well it is not limited to it in any way. It’s the flexibility of customization that makes tote bags so much popular that they have become a go-to bag for so many people. 

The blank canvas of a tote bag can be used to say a lot about you. Think of it as something that can be personalized which will increase its attraction manifold. When it comes to what can you exhibit through your tote bags the options are simply endless. 

From political allegiance to the philosophy of life, your favorite books, movies, characters you love and so much more. Moreover, many people use them to share their favorite sayings and quotes. The recent #MeToo movement elaborated that tote bags can be a powerful source to convey a specific thought or condition, a way to show your adherence to a particular group. 

Though it won’t bring any compensation to them it’s still a lot that tote bags can serve as an expression of our identities and what we believe in.

The world is facing an impending energy crisis today with oil reserves sharply declining and the environment already in shambles. Plastic bags are made by a complex process that requires a considerable amount of energy at different stages. 

Moreover, even though polyethylene can be reprocessed to make new plastic bags it is done on a very limited scale. A new plastic bag is used every time you buy something. Have you ever wondered where all these discarded plastic bags go? Well, they end up in landfills. So in simple words, plastic bags are made by spending a lot of non-renewable fossil energy, used once or twice, and then dumped in the trash. We are turning already depleting fossil fuels into pieces of trash. 

On the other hand tote bags, though made from cotton which uses large quantities of water, can be reused again and again. Just by shifting to renewables, we can save our environment along with billions of dollars of fuel.

Totes are now used extensively but still much needs to be done. By making habit of using totes every time you go shopping you can contribute to lessening the number of growing landfills or filling oceans with plastics of all sorts. 

Though totes too end up in the landfills their numbers are far smaller which can be made smaller still by using recycling services. The personalization factor is just another way to help you associate yourself with tote bags and to promote their usage in our daily lives to put a stop to the ever-increasing plastic footprint.