How Wedding Live Bands in Singapore Make Weddings Memorable?

By  //  July 2, 2022

What is it about a party that you love that makes you talk about it for a long time afterward? Despite being very important, food won’t make or break the celebration.

It’s the entertainment! Long after the food has been finished, what you will remember is if you can’t control your feet from tapping, your sides from grooving, or your ability to lose yourself in a fantastic theme song. Our skilled team of musicians and talented singers are working to the best of their capabilities to make your upcoming event the talk of the town.

When it comes to keeping your wedding guests entertained, music is essential. The ideal musical selection creates the mood for the entire celebration, from your first dance as a married couple to the final song that ends the night. Hire live wedding bands and count on them to keep the dance floor full during your wedding.

Long before they ever decide to be married, some couples have already chosen the ideal song. Finding that one song can be difficult for some people! It can be challenging to determine whether to select a well-known and well-liked song that is frequently used for first dances at weddings, a special song that captures the essence of your love, or something brand-new by waiting to see what new music is published the year of your wedding. Since this song is so special, you must ultimately decide whether you want something that your guests will all know or something that you deem unique enough to characterize your marriage.

In this regard, wedding live bands will support you in achieving the highest level of perfection.

Choosing the appropriate and right live music to enhance your wedding event might be a challenging task for many out there.  If you’re looking for the appropriate band that will make your day a memorable one, you need not worry anymore.  Call us, and we’ll provide the perfect band to start the party or exquisite music for your special occasion. While many people are capable of playing an instrument, it takes a skilled musician to create beautiful and enduring music. Consider having a solo performer, a duet, a trio, a quartet, a quintet, or a band perform for you and your guests. To make it a reality, the wedding live band Singapore is just a step away.

For your weddings and celebrations, we have started bringing in fresh, skilled musicians to amp things up.  Musical Touch has you covered whether you prefer upbeat dance music or a marching band in full uniform.

For nearly every instrument you can imagine, we have the best musicians available. Musical touch has the perfect music for you, including professional weddings, live bands, soloists, jazz guitarists, violinists, guitarists, trained musicians, pianists, and vocalists. You can listen to jazz, classical, oldies, new music, or even country music. We have the perfect personnel for your live music needs, but that’s not all. Whether it’s background music for your dinner or cocktails, or music for your ceremony, we have it all covered.

For every type of wedding, the great range of live music we offer will please your guests. Consider hiring a solo guitar, violin, or piano player for a romantic interlude during your meal. You might like to play jazz or classical music for your guests.   For the entertainment of guests at any kind of wedding celebration, we may provide live music of any genre.

You can select to hire singers or instrumentalists in various band sizes. Wedding live bands Singapore will assist in helping to suggest the finest combination of instruments depending on your favorite songs or genres after you’ve decided on your desired band size and hire duration.

A group of full-time musicians and live performers that have at least ten years of performance experience make up the Musical Touch team. Following their motto, “Live Music from the Hearts,” only those who are genuinely passionate about their trade are picked, in addition to those with the necessary talents.

We offer;

2-Piece Band: The 2-piece band is one of the most significant bands available for weddings within the constrained and limited space available. The unique and constantly shifting gears of the playlist will surprise you and your friends. With such a small space, we want to maximize entertainment by bringing in amazing performers and artists. In a small group, this might be the best offer we have to make.

3 Piece Band: Musical Touch Singapore features an interesting three-piece band for your wedding day celebrations. They excel in a wide range of styles and genres and bring decades of expertise and extraordinary talent to each. Everyone will enjoy this trio. The dynamic audience-enlivening duets performed by our musical team are available to you for a reasonable fee and with a flexible schedule. In a larger gathering, there will be more opportunities for audience interaction.

4 Piece Band: During a wedding reception or other big event, a four-piece band is excellent for keeping guests entertained. They ensure that your guests are entertained by playing soothing, contemporary music with a hint of rock ‘n’ roll. There are more duet performances by singers and musicians of high caliber in such a lively setting.

5-7 Piece Band: This band is ideal for anyone looking for a stunning live wedding band that will get everyone up on the dance floor or just sit back and relaxes while listening to their classic versions. For those seeking a well-balanced mixture of musical styles, this group is perfect. They are one of the most competent and accomplished groups of performers.

Pop Orchestra: This group put on a high-energy performance of party classics, and their shared love of great pop from every era ensures that the dance floor will always be crowded. To enthrall and impress the audience with their on-stage performance, the band combines on-stage dancing techniques with a distinctive visual style.

String Quartets: String quartets are thought to make weddings in Singapore unique since they stand for closeness, passion, and joy. To better serve its patrons and clients, Musical Touch is happy to introduce the new string quartets band, which features both male and female musicians. The quartet, which is made up of four highly talented classical musicians, performs a variety of music, from well-known film soundtracks to modern pop songs and works for string quartets. There is also traditional music available for Jewish ceremonies to go with the romance of the ketubah and chuppah. For this outstanding band, each piece has a special musical setting composed only for it.

There is no longer a problem with some people preferring oldies while others prefer pop, jazz, or even rock. With the best arrangements and immaculate blending of music from radio-friendly songs to rock, R&B, and jazz tunes, Wedding Live Band Singapore offers a wide choice of music to make your once-in-a-lifetime celebration spectacular.

While some believe that a live wedding band is the heart of a wedding, it may not give your guests much to get excited about. Our wedding live bands Singapore will have song lists created during the planning process, but skilled live bands may also be spontaneous and take music requests from your wedding guests. Before singing the songs, they can read out your song dedications in addition to executing your requests. This adds a dash of sentiment and anticipation and is guaranteed to put a smile on your guests’ faces.

If you want to keep your celebration moving along and have your family and friends fully engaged, it’s preferable to allow the wedding live band you hire to run the show rather than micromanaging everything the band performs. Although you may be aware of what you want, an experienced wedding live band Singapore is aware of what the general public wants when it comes to weddings. You can choose every song yourself, which will result in a sparsely populated dance floor, or you can trust the professionals to put together a high-energy, spectacular celebration that will keep the dance floor filled and guests chatting long after the reception is done.

The best wedding live bands provide substantially more excitement and live-action since the band members not only play everyone’s favorite dance songs, but they also do so in a visually engaging presentation or show that includes a lot of movement and spontaneity.

Keeping people energized and thrilled is essential to delivering an event that will live long in the memories of those who attend. A vibrant, upbeat band will not only increase the party’s enthusiasm but also leave your visitors buzzing long after it has ended.