Law System Decided To Drop Murder Charges Against a Man Even With Two Witnesses!

By  //  July 18, 2022

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A man from Indiana was caught in the murder of a quadruple. As the events unfold, the police were able to identify two witnesses, and initially, there were hopes of collecting sufficient DNA evidence to convict him as well. 

However, as the case proceeded, Marion County Prosecutor’s Office announced that the charges have been dropped against Nicholas Dunn and the trial will not be initiated. This was due to the sudden death of two key witnesses yet to record their testimony with the court and the dismissal of submitted DNA evidence that was said to be compromised. 

The man close to being an inmate in Indiana jail was released after solid information had been received that he held three women to gun point as hostages and carried out shooting shortly afterwards resulting in their deaths. Since the case remained unsolved for at least 4 years, most of the evidence was compromised. 

It remains a big question whether the legal system is entirely to blame for this or not? There were reports that one of witness who had to take the stand later the same year has told police that Dunn openly admitted to the murders and the possession of firearm. Regardless of the scenario at hand, it was easy for officials to dismiss the case owing to “significant evidentiary challenges”. 

When inquired about the DNA found inside the home that matched with Nicholas Dunn, the prosecutors explained that it could circumstantial that the DNA landed on a bottle and cigarette butts at the place where the murders took place but these are not enough to convict him of the horrendous crime.

Dunn was also able to justify the presence of DNA by sharing that he had visited the house many times prior to the event. Nonetheless, further investigation may have taken place about the source DNA had the samples not been contaminated and dismissed by the court.

The spokesperson on the case has also shared his thoughts and promised that the Prosecutor’s office as well as all the relevant officials are doing their best to reach a fair verdict. He also sympathized with the family and extended his support to them in this time of shock and grief. 

However, Dunn still remains imprisoned due to a $200,000 bond on an aggravated battery charge. The hearing and commencement of the murder case has been dimissed but, as per official news, investigations into this happening continues. 

Although it is not easy to do so, especially in a case where previous witnesses have died, the state police is encouraging anyone and everyone with information relevant to this case to come forward and contact the police departments. They have also shared the helpline (317) 327-3475 for quick contact. For the time being, we can all just pray that the real culprit behind this heart-wrenching act is brought to justice soon and the legal system in the US does not disappoint us.