Maximum Presence of a Loved One Through a Photo

By  //  July 26, 2022

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In a perfect world, we would spend most of our time with our loved ones. However, that is not realistic in our world. Circumstances like work and school make it hard to be as close as we would love to be with our loved ones. Therefore, any opportunity to stay connected despite the distance separating us from our loved ones is always welcome.

The desperation to close the gap is ever-present. Thanks to technology, and particularly the evolution of photography, it is easier to feel the presence of loved ones, even when they are miles and continents away.

Soldiers carried photos anywhere they went to keep their loved ones close when separated by wars. They took pictures to the battlefields to remind them of the smiling faces they left home. And that gives them hopes of better days ahead.

Carrying photos of your loved one everywhere

Carrying photos of your loved ones serves many purposes, such as:

Connecting to your past and loved ones 

Moments are constantly passing, and it is possible to lose them forever. We cannot reproduce the memories. The next best option is photographs. Looking at photos of loved ones and past events elicits a strong connection with loved ones and places. Carrying a photo makes you remember how your loved one made you feel at that moment.

Introducing you to events that happened without you

It is normal to be curious about events that happened without our presence. Photographs present those memories, even those that happened long before our existence. You can connect with ancestors that did not live in your time when you carry a photo of them.

Honoring loved ones

Sadly, life is not forever. People we hold near and dear succumb to the finiteness of life. The loved one may no longer be in the living world with us, but with photographs, you carry their memories everywhere. You can have their photos in crystal cube that will remind you of all the moments you spent together when you hold it or look at it.

Keeping your memories sharp

Our memories are fallible. We cannot rely on them to remind us of the past. Photos save the day by giving cherished memories a sharper focus in our heads. You will be less likely to forget how a loved one looked at a particular time when you have a photo of them tucked in your wallet.

Holding out hope for good times

When in the thick of things, it can be hard to remember a moment when the sun shone brightly. However, when you carry a picture you took during the good times, you will be more likely to remember that good times have been there in the past and are around the corner.

Final remarks

The connections and memories we make with friends and family are valuable things that make life worth living. They might not cost lots in cash but are worth so much more. Finding ways to bottle the memories and look back on them when you need to make it more bearable to go through the days when our loved ones are miles away.