NFT Marketing: 3 Mind Boggling NFT Community Building Ideas for Start-Ups

By  //  July 8, 2022

For effective NFT marketing, you need to create a community. An NFT community comprises a group of individuals who collect, purchase, trade and converse about a non-fungible token project. A strong community is fundamental for any NFT project that wants to succeed. So, it would help if you had it as a priority when crafting an NFT Marketing strategy. Here, we share ideas for building a solid NFT community for NFT marketing.

Why NFT marketing through a community is critical

NFT community meaning conjures up feelings of togetherness. An NFT community is critical because it is made up of people with similar interests who want to collaborate and enjoy being together. When people of similar interests come together, they learn from each other. So, both community members and the project benefit from NFT community formation. Here are the primary benefits of an NFT community:

 Receive alpha: one of the benefits of joining a community is that members receive information about the project that outsiders don’t know. Through this information, you can make informed investment decisions regarding the project.

■ Achieve knowledge: Top NFT communities are full of individuals ready to share their insights and empower other community members. Because the community comprises people who come from different parts of the world, you can benefit a lot from their knowledge.

■ Collaboration opportunities: A key strength of a community is that it offers you a chance to work in partnership with others. Artists and brands stay in a non-fungible token society. So, there are chances that you might find an individual who might want to offer your project something.

■ Whitelist advantage: Being a member of an NFT community on Discord offers you special access to friend lists/whitelists. A whitelist allows your wallet address to access exclusive perks of an NFT project. So, you can enjoy early minting opportunities at affordable prices.

Ideas for building a strong NFT Marketing community

A solid NFT Marketing community has participants that are committed to collecting and trading non-fungible tokens. Projects can have strong communities if they’ve unique and valuable NFTs.

You can entice members to continue sticking around if you offer exclusive bonuses and giveaways. Here are some ideas you can use in creating the biggest NFT community:

1. Consider applying the Discord server

There are multiple platforms to use when creating an NFT Marketing community. For example, you can build an NFT community on Telegram or Twitter. However, building a discord NFT community has many exclusive benefits. The platform allows you to develop a customized channel and use it to attract more NFT discord community members.

Also, Discord has extraordinary engagement features that help members to continue staying with you. You can create the biggest NFT community if you utilize the engagement features of Discord.

 Furthermore, Discord excels in allowing you to tell the story about your project. Each NFT project has a story that owners want to share with their communities. You can engage your NFT community discord through various elements, such as videos, texts, and pictures. These features enable you to deliver your story in a compelling way.

Yet, when it comes to customer service, Discord is fantastic. Members of a discord NFT community can reach out to the project team directly and have their problems resolved. You can even have a Discord Channel committed to customer service.

You should also consider Discord for your NFT Marketing because the platform allows you to connect with your members at a deeper and personal level. So, you can host live sessions and conduct AMAs. These strategies further help you in developing a solid NFT discord community.

2. Consider using Telegram

NFT community meaning isn’t complete without mentioning Telegram as an NFT community building platform. Like Discord, an NFT community on Telegram can be supportive if you utilize various features of the platform. 

Some powerful benefits of Telegram include the use of bots, AMA sessions, and assurance of members’ safety. You can utilize these perks to create top NFT communities for your brand.

3. Twitter excels in creating awareness about your brand

When it comes to brand awareness messaging, Twitter is the best platform to choose. If you entice your members with exclusive benefits, they can retweet your post, which helps in spreading the word around.


When it comes to NFT Marketing, community building is a central aspect. Blockchain projects and, by extension, NFTs are community-based. So, you need to create a community even before launching your project. Here, we’ve shared ideas on where to create your NFT community.