The Advantages of Sing a Condenser Microphone and Why the TONOR ORCA 001 is the Best Choice for PS4/5 and Other Devices

By  //  July 18, 2022

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A lot of people have asked me why I always prefer condenser mics over dynamic ones. I told them that condenser microphones tend to produce better sound.

While my opinion is debatable, condenser microphones are generally used more in live sound. There are, however, many people who still believe dynamic microphones are (inherently) better for live use. They believe that dynamics microphones have a better ability to withstand feedback and also control the flow of blood from other parts of the stage.

They’re not completely wrong but in practical use, the difference in sound produced by condenser microphones and the dynamic ones is quite large. For me, of course, the sound produced by the condenser microphone is better.

Especially in combination with a modern sound system, the difference will be even greater. I think the difference in quality in managing feedback and bleeding is key. Both factors (feedback and bleed) are controlled by the polar pattern and frequency response of the microphone.

Most people only focus on polar patterns at 1K. It lies in the middle of the microphone response but they don’t realize that the pattern will never be the same across all frequencies. To note, high frequencies have direction control that tends to be worse. Taming the high-frequency response is, therefore, necessary, and in the case of condenser microphones, it will be easier.

My conclusion is that the sound produced by condenser microphones tends to be better as the condenser capsule is usually inherently well built. Hence, it is better able to produce a smoother response over a wide range of frequencies.

The secret is hidden behind the physics of their construction. The moving parts of the dynamic capsule must be heavier than the diaphragm of the condenser capsule. For information, this moving part is a part that is moved by sound in the captured air. While dynamic capsules are generally carefully designed, they are generally more disordered (inherently) than condensers.

Not only that, in general, dynamic capsules are not responsive enough when faced with high sound frequencies. Even some big brands still “couldn’t find the right formula” for producing dynamic capsules that can control almost every aspect of sound, something that can be easily done with a condenser microphone.

Then how to find the best condenser microphone?

Many types of condenser microphones can be found in the market and each brand claims to be the best. I won’t fall for those claims and I’ve been experimenting with buying a few different condenser microphones in the last few years. From my “experiments”, I can conclude that the TONOR ORCA-001 USB Condenser Microphone is one of the best, in terms of quality and price.

Why TONOR ORCA-001 USB Condenser Microphone?

There are some interesting features worth considering:

1. Noise cancellation: You can reduce the noise caused by background noise. This feature will be very useful when you are involved in streaming communication, team communication, Skype, and Twitch.

2. Mute in one tap: With this feature, you can tap the top of the microphone to mute. Turning the sound back on can be done by tapping it again.

3. RGB volume indicator: The volume control is made easier thanks to the onboard audio controls with easy-to-understand RGB indicators.

4. High degree of compatibility: This great condenser microphone is equipped with two-in-one connectors (USB and Type-C). This way it will be able to connect with Android devices, Mac, PC, and even PS4/5. Just Plug&Play and no additional drivers are needed at all.

5. Zero Latency Monitoring: This microphone is equipped with a 3.5mm headphone jack. This means you can listen to any real-time content without echo interference.

6. Shock Mount: This feature allows you to get rid of desktop vibrations and keyboard clicking sounds that can interfere with your output sound.

7. Flexible stand: This additional stand can be rotated up to 90 degrees, so your stage activities will not be reduced.

If you are interested in this TONOR condenser microphone then you are advised to buy it from Amazon rather than from other e-commerce platforms. You can get a more affordable price. Click here to buy!