The American Baseball League MVP 2022

By  //  July 31, 2022

The 2022 Major League Baseball season has seen a lot of awesome players, who are  looking strong for the MVP awards that would be given to the best from the National League and the best from the American League.

In 2021, after fierce competition, Shohei Ohtani, who plays for the Los Angeles Angels, won the MVP award for the American League, while Bryce Harper of the Philadelphia Phillies won the MVP award for the National League.

With the competition going on in the league in 2022, it is only right to look at the players’ performances and other factors to see who is waxing strong in the race for the American League MVP. Here are some of the favorites for the award in 2022.

Aaron Judge

The sensational player, who plays for the New York Yankees as an outfielder, has impressed so far this year. He has had wonderful performances so far in 2022, especially in the game against the Boston Red Sox.

Aaron Judge was declared the American League rookie player of the year and was the first runner-up for the MVP. His career has been impressive so far, maintaining his top level and bringing a good run of form into 2022. Based on performance and other factors, he is one of the strong favorites for the 2022 MVP.

The New York Yankees currently boast the best record in the MLB this season, which currently stands at 66-32, and their slugger is one of the main reasons why this is the case. He currently leads the league in Runs Scored/Allowed (81) and Home Runs (38). He looks set to break his personal bests this season with the rate that he has been scoring for the team. These are perhaps the biggest reasons why he has been considered the overwhelming favorite to win the American League MVP award.

Shohei Ohtani

Shohei Ohtani, playing for the Los Angeles Angels, was the recipient of 2021’s MVP award for the American League, and he has also been very good this season. Some might argue that he is not a strong contender for the MVP, but due to the bar he has set for himself, he is expected to be in the conversation for the most valuable player.

Naturally, those who consider engaging in baseball betting from time to time and enjoy placing a wager on the MLB throughout the season will perhaps have considered ‘Shotime’ as the Japanese player always performs when the LA Angels need him to come out on top.

Yordan Alvarez

Yordan Alvarez plays for the Houston Astros, and is also considered a favorite for the 2022 MVP in the American League, although at this time, it does appear as though it is perhaps Judges’ to lose.

Before his injury in July, Alvarez was in the top spot on many people’s lists as the best hitter this season. Despite his injury and all the circumstances surrounding it, Alvarez is still one of the best players in the MLB this season and while it would appear that his race for the MVP award appears to be running out of steam, he is still an individual that is worth keeping an eye on for the duration of the MLB season.

Rafael Devers

Rafael Devers can be considered to be one of those players that have shown what they can do to the fans and their teammates on a consistent basis, with this year’s level of production perhaps as impressive as ever before!

The performance of Rafael has been superb this year, which has really been important to the Boston Red Sox; the club he plays for. He might not get enough recognition because the Boston Red Sox are poor this season, but he is one of the contenders for the MVP; even if the race looks too far ahead of him at the moment.


The predictions and expectations of the MVP are based on individual performances, team performances, and other stats. As you can see, Aaron Judge has to be considered the strongest contender for the MVP in the American League in the current MLB 2022 season, with it perhaps his award to lose at this stage of the campaign.