The Chronicles of Elizabeth Rage

By  //  July 23, 2022

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(Elizabeth Rage image)

When you think about Elizabeth Rage, what comes to mind? Undoubtedly, colorful costumes, Anime Cosplays, and, of course, Only Fans.

The world of cosplay is actually much larger than most persons presume it to be; the industry’s leading drivers- cosplayers, create costumes that are derived from popular roles in TV shows, books, movies, video games, and anime.

This process usually involves a significant amount of capital, effort, and time, as the ‘perfectionist’ personality of many cosplayers commonly means that the costume has to be absolutely identical to the real thing before they are satisfied.

With over USD $ 19 billion spent on costumes each year, and a thriving market that is currently growing at a rate of 15 % per year, it should come as no surprise that the industry’s total value is said to exceed USD $50 billion.

Elizabeth Rage was raised in Sag Harbor, New York. Following her attendance at both the Manhattan School of Music and New York University, she has emerged as one of the most popular and fascinating cosplayers in the industry.

But who was Elizabeth Rage prior to her prolific career as a social media influencer and cosplayer? Below we explore a plethora of her: hobbies, personal interests, and- of course, cosplay personas.

Starting Out: Instant Success

Initially, Elizabeth Rage started cosplaying as a hobby- she loved imitating the most popular characters from her favourite TV shows and anime, and spent a significant amount of time developing the ‘perfect’ costumes as a result.

‘’It was a different time…the growing e-commerce world of today- where almost everything can be brought to your doorstep with the click of a button, wasn’t around back then. Those who wanted adequate cosplay outfits needed to either: a) be in Hollywood, or b) make them themselves’’- Elizabeth Rage, Social Media Influencer & Model.

Around this time, Elizabeth was a student at the New York University and the Manhattan School of Music- where she helped develop a prominent New Media Channel (AVBYTE) that amassed significant views.

She was also part of a very successful Youtube channel (that has now unfortunately been deleted) which entailed over 1 million loyal subscribers. Among the group’s most successful videos was the viral hit titled ‘’Hipster Disney Princesses’’.

Following the success of AVBYTE, Rage went on to direct a CW Original: “Vampire Musical.”, which opened many doors towards her partnership with world-renowned brands- including Soul Calibur, King Vader and Only Fans.

Around 2014, Elizabeth ended up (quite randomly) stumbling across a cosplayer video on Youtube. Up until that point, she hadn’t even considered pursuing cosplaying as a full time career, but her rapid success in the field saw this change rather quickly.

Starting with Wondercon of 2015, Elizabeth Rage emerged herself within the cosplaying community by dressing up as Hades- the ancient Greek god of the dead and the king of the underworld, and amassing considerable attention. This pretty much led to ‘instant’ success for the prominent cosplayer.

‘’I had been doing theatre-related work for years, so I was used to performing in front of a lot of people, but this was very different. Usually viewers weren’t so close to you’’.

Indubitably, the process took a bit of getting used to.

The Next Steps: Growing Success & and OnlyFans

Since the start of her cosplaying career, Elizabeth Rage has achieved a plethora of astounding feats, including: a) starting her own Social Media company (called Problematic Waifu) that is currently worth six figures, b) producing the BBC hit Doctor Who fashion show at SDCC, and c) developing her own music for video games and YouTube.

Elizabeth has also seen significant success in the sphere of OnlyFans – rising to the top 0.1% of distributors.

This is a tool for her to communicate directly with her ample fans on a personal level, without having to worry about the significant restrictions associated with public platforms such as Instagram.

‘’I always try to get back to every message, but with hundreds of thousands of followers, it can be very difficult at times. The OnlyFans platform enables me to communicate with my followers on a much more intimate level, and provide them with exclusive insights of my work’’- Elizabeth Rage

Final Words: Future Announcements?

With the beginning of the end of the unprecedented COVID-19 pandemic being well on its way, Elizabeth Rage has spent the last year travelling abroad for featured guest appearances in Mexico, Europe and the Middle East. She ecstatically announced a couple of events that she will be attending this year. These include San Diego Comic Con, Anime Matsuri, and AH Con in Monterrey, Mexico.