The Future of Online Casinos in California

By  //  July 11, 2022

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This autumn, Californian residents will hold an election on whether or not to legalize casino gambling and wagering on sports. Due to the state’s limited economical resources, critics fear that small new wagering enterprises will be unable to function efficiently from within state borders.

A New jersey iGaming magazine had recently reported that concerns related to the industry might cost as much as three and a half billion US dollars annually, according to its estimates.

There will be an accumulative of four referendums linked to online gambling and wagering on the ballot that is scheduled for November. FanDuel, BetMGM & DraftKings, three of the largest online iGaming companies in the United States, are proposing the most influential and substantial of these changes.

It is well-known that the project has several unique conditions that relatively small rivals would find very daunting and risky to even try to achieve.

Isn’t it already possible to gamble online in California?

Even though California still has not legalized the provision of local online casinos, this does not stop Cali citizens from gambling online anyway. This is because there is no law that directly states anything about or affects the use of offshore online casinos through the internet. Most of these casinos are completely legal and regulated in other states, which means anyone can use them safely, without any issues or illegalities whatsoever. 

The options might be a bit limited though, so for those looking for a reliable online casino to use right now from California, a little bit of research might be required. Potential players might want to refer to professional reviews such as this one which shows us all we need to know about the use of real money virtual casinos in CA 2022 until the new laws finally come into order.

The Path of New Jersey

It was just a matter of how long before other states followed suit, and before long internet gambling was once again in full force. It’s hard to overstate the significance of the money that the New Jersey casinos have made so far. The exclusive leisure sponsor of the Professional Baseball league, MLB,  is now a retail chain of video slots like MGM. The possibility of wagering in New Jersey and California is enticing to all of those who monitor the market carefully.

When it concerns the regulation of gambling in a certain region of the United States, there are several benefits. For example, the iGaming industry creates new work prospects within the state. It’s a common occurrence in all of the states that have allowed gaming (or betting), including New Jersey.

California would also benefit from an increase to the state’s budget. Gambling enterprises would be required to pay $100 million as a licensing fee if the measure is adopted. In particular, if you want to begin providing public wagering services in that location.

Is there any opposition to legalizing gambling in California?

Any other state trying to legalize gambling would have to pay a licensing fee of $100 million, much more than any other. The $25 million price to secure a New York City license is currently the most costly in the nation. License costs in most jurisdictions that have made gambling legal are over the hundreds of thousands if not millions of dollars, there is no state that requires enterprises to have previously acquired a license in other jurisdictions.

In addition, there are already a few big names in the iGaming industry in the US. The first three spots are held by DraftKings (26%), BetMGM (16%), and Caesars (12%) rounding out the top three. Smaller enterprises will be unable to operate in the gambling industry in California, resulting in fewer alternatives for gamblers and maybe less creativity.

It remains to be seen what the future holds. Now is the time for California to make the legalization process as painless as possible.

How can this affect the state in general?

Overall, the legalization of online gambling can make many different changes to a community, both of which can be positive or negative towards the state. 

For starters, problem gambling will undoubtedly rise, increasing the risk of addiction which might even lead to poverty in some extreme cases. This is the main reason why gambling was made illegal in the first place. This issue requires a lot of resources to create organizations that cater to helping gambling addicts, however can be avoided if everyone keeps in mind to gamble responsibly.

On the other hand, those who want to gamble responsibly will be able to do so with a rested mind, not having to stress about finding the right offshore casinos, and not have to worry about breaking any state laws, since all gambling provisions would be completely legal and regulated in order to keep the safest possible wagering environment for local players.