The Social Acceptance and Significance of International Dating

By  //  July 15, 2022

Is international dating at a stage where most people in society socially accept it? Alternatively, let’s put it this way: Is international dating accepted in your society, community, or culture?

In many cases, the answer may be no, which makes it difficult for you to pursue something you want to do for your own happiness just because not everyone around you agrees with it or finds it a strange concept. 

But, some cultures and societies are less aware of the world that’s busy changing around them, which makes them less open to new concepts that can create happiness and contentment in life. 

Shifting Realities

The changes the digital era brought upon us are so dramatic and life-altering that some people will probably agree that you can compare it to the invention of the wheel. 

This is just a digital wheel with an all-encompassing effect on our livelihoods, the way we communicate, the way we conduct our everyday tasks, and the way we work.

 I’m not suggesting the wheel specifically changed relationships, but it changed human life in a dramatic way that can be compared to the digital age or the age of AI. 

When social or other changes happen, most members of society only start accepting it a bit later along the line.  

So, find yourself as one of those individuals who have a higher adaptability rate and who can use new situations and circumstances caused by these changes to improve your life. 

“Choosing your happiness over what others think, in this case, should be the order of the day”, says Krystyna Trushyna, a relationship and dating coach for Doves-Of-Love. 

The Concept of Online Dating is Not New

Additionally, international dating has been alive and kicking for far longer than most people realize, and social and political circumstances have mainly caused it. 

Think about the love letters sent between couples amidst war times or when men had a social responsibility to serve in the military or travel to other countries for their government before they could start the “settled” life we’ve all known for so long. 

On top of all this, online dating has been in existence since 1959, when ads were placed in newspapers by hopeful singles or even individuals who were looking for casual sex. 

The difference is that now you can choose if you want to go the international dating route, which may not make sense to others. However, it’s your happiness and lifestyle that should be accommodated here, and also your partner’s.

How to Deal With Social Acceptance or The Lack Thereof

 Whose life is it anyway? Embrace those who embrace you, views included, even if their views are not in complete alignment of yours. 

These open-minded individuals are the building blocks of true friendships and a healthy society, and they understand one crucial component that others don’t: It’s your life. 

■ Don’t be ashamed of what you’re doing because some people don’t find it acceptable: Don’t allow other people to tell you how you should feel about your life and your choices. If you live in a society with strict social and cultural norms, you may find that online dating is often frowned upon. 

I mean, think of it from the community’s perspective — there’s a man ready to marry you living across the street, two houses from you, and lots more in the community, so why would you want to look for someone on the other side of the world? 

And, this goes for both more traditional cultural groups and liberal ones — it can be a case of members of your community not understanding why you don’t deem them “good enough,” which means that the disdain comes from a place of insecurity. 

■ Don’t be angry at those who don’t understand your choices: Anger over something that you did not cause and can neither control is not worth it. It may be hard for you to get flak from others for choices that do not affect them or harm them in any way. 

However, suppose you understand that this is the human way of reacting to something that is outside their realm of understanding and that they have the capacity to eventually understand. In that case, you’ll know that it’s only a matter of time and that being angry is only going to be a waste of your energy.  

Final Takeaway

In some cultures and social situations, international dating is going to be more of a challenge than in others. Society as a whole takes longer to change and accept than an individual or a small group of individuals. 

Thus, if your international dating endeavor making you happy, don’t let others’ misconceptions or the fact that they will eventually come around put a bitter taste in your mouth. Be ahead of the rest and do what is good for you and what you envision for your life. 

History has shown us that society has a way of coming around eventually.