The Ultimate Guide to Business Cards – Design, Usage, Trend

By  //  July 28, 2022

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You see that potential client and want to introduce your brand to them. What would you do? Would you waste your time by sending them an email? Of course, no. That’s why organizations use Business Cards to elicit a direct message from their clients. 

They easily fit in your pockets, and you can make your business standout anywhere. The business cards interpret your business widely and let the customers know more about your brand. 

Moreover, they are also cost-effective and easy to design. You only require a logo and company information (The brand, location, personal info, etc.). 

You will be astounded to know that there are over 28 million small startups in the world, and 27 million business cards are printed on daily occasions. 

Business cards have different designs and usage. In the next phase of our blog, we’ll discuss the trends and usages of business cards. 

Without further ado, let’s dive into it. 

Design of business cards 

There are many tools online where you can easily design business cards and customize them by yourself, like Canva. 

The design of the business cards should be aesthetic and attention-grabbing. The most common size of business cards is 3.5 inches by 2 inches. 

Your business card must have the following: – 

■ The logo of your brand and products. 

■ Your contact info (name, number, and address). 

■ A slogan. 

■ Pictures. 

■ A decent color frame. It should match your logo. 

Furthermore, supportive texts can be useful for business cards, as they tell a short story about your business to your customers. 

Usages of Business cards

There is a lot of importance of business and why you should use them. Let’s hear them, respectively. 

■ It represents your brand identify your customers; that’s why it is indispensable to have it. 

■ A business card provides a quick way to promote your brand. 

■ It markets your business on a higher note. 

■ It can be remembered for a long time. 

■ It looks professional to have a business card in international business meetings. 

In addition, business cards are essential nowadays, especially if you are running a business. 


There are a lot of trends going on for business cards in 2022. Like Pattern, Anti, Soft words, Elementary, and Wrapped business cards. These are some of the designs trending in the current year. 

Why are business cards important for you? 

As a businessman, you’ll confront a lot of organizations and other brands. For you to look more professional and promote your brand, you should keep a business card. So, whenever you enter a business meeting, you can hand over your card and let them know about it. The card will speak for you instead of you. 

That’s why most business organizations are using business cards to advertise their services and brands to their potential clients. 


In a nutshell, business cards are a faster way to promote your service in any business meeting. It just requires a logo, contact, and a slogan. A simple design is preferable for business cards. You can read the latest trends above to get more know-how about it.