WATCH LIVE: Charter Review Commission Meeting Held in Viera

By  //  July 7, 2022

ABOVE VIDEO: Brevard County Commission to Hold Meeting in Viera on Tuesday.

A. Call to Order
B. Pledge of Allegiance
C. Roll Call
D. Approval of Minutes
E. Reports:
1. Chairman
2. CRC Staff Person
a. Budget Timeline
b. Estimated cost of elections from Supervisor of Elections
3. CRC Attorney/Other Members
a. Resolution and Ballot Summary 7.4.1 Amendment
b. Proposal 10- Effective Date of Proposal
c. Proposal 18- Legality of inserting “school board
F. Proposals
1. Charter Cap- Public
(Voted on 06/23/2022) 8-6 to remove proposal from
2. Recall School Board Member
(Voted on 0512/2022) 6-5 to remove proposal from
3. Full Time County Commissioner-
(Voted on 04-21-2022) Unanimous vote 14-0 to remove
proposal from consideration
4. Citizen Process-
(Voted on 04-21-2022) Vote 13-1 to remove proposal from
5. Repeal of Three Attorney Panel-Public Hearing 4
(Voted on 06/23/2022) Vote 14-0 Approval Proposal
Amendment and Ballot Summary Language
*** This Proposal Passed (14-0) on 06-23-2022
This item is listed under New Business**
6. Right to Clean Water
(Voted on 06/23/2022) Vote 10-4 to remove proposal from

7. Repeal of Article 8 & Section 8.1 School Board-Public Hearing # 3
(Voted on 05-12-2022) Vote 4-7 to remove from
consideration-vote failed)
(Voted on 06/23/2022) Vote 13-1 to remove from

8.Amend Section 2.7 – Vacancies and Suspensions(Amended 05-19-
2022 with strike throughs and underlines)-Public Hearing # 4
(Tabled at meeting on 06-23-2022)
Public Comment