WATCH REPLAY: Emergency Tourist Development Council Meeting Addresses Driftwood Hotel Project in Cocoa Beach

By  //  July 6, 2022


WATCH: An Emergency Space Coast Tourist Development Council meeting in underway at the Government Center in Viera to address the $30 million tax request from the Driftwood Project.

YOU DECIDE: Should the Brevard County Commission give $30 in tourism tax proceeds to the developers of the Westin hotel in Cocoa Beach?

The Brevard County Tourism Development Council or TDC, is a volunteer committee of local tourism experts who were appointed by the Brevard County Commission to provide oversight and review of the Space Coast Office of Tourism, which manages the business of spending the bed tax funds collected for things like the Brevard Zoo, beach preservation, cultural arts, sports programs advertising and local facilities used by the public and visitors.

The tourism tax or “bed tax” as it is known was first established in 1986 to charge people who purchased overnight lodging in Brevard county.

Local tourism leaders then petitioned the state to allow Brevard to collect the tax to be used for specific designated uses as shown below:

The bed tax has to be spent by these Statutory Allocations by law:

■ 1986 – 2% Tax (First Two Cents):

■ Fund 1441
Promotion/Advertising 25.0%

■ Fund 1442
Beach Improvement

■ Fund 1443
Capital Facilities

■ Fund 1446
Cultural Events

1989 – 1% Tax (Third Cent)

■ Fund 1442
Beach Improvement 65.0%

■ Fund 1447
Brevard Zoo

■ Fund 1445
Tourist Information Center

1994 – 1% Tax (Fourth Cent)

■ Fund 1448
USSSA stadium contractual obligations

■ Fund 1441

(100% less $350,000)

2005 – 1% Tax (Fifth Cent)

■ Fund 1441

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