What Defines the Modern Data Stack and Why You Should Care

By  //  July 26, 2022

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The world of data is big. In fact, it is growing by the millions and technology is the only thing that is allowing us all to keep up. Thanks to cloud data technology companies are seeing huge growth in how they can both collect and analyze data. This also means that the innovation has made the modern data stack something that a decade ago was once thought impossible.

What exactly is a modern data stack? There are quite a few different things to consider when it comes to defining this, with the most common qualities including:

1. Easy to Use

Simplicity for complex data stacks is key to making them modern and current. The majority of tools nowadays for data stacks are designed to be extremely user-friendly and done so that the everyday person with no technology background could navigate their way through.

Moreso, they are easy to understand. This means that the modern data stack allows for a wide range of departments in a company to utilize for their own benefit. Plus, the fact that it can easily be integrated into other tools makes it, even more, user-friendly for all types of companies.

2. Big Scalability

Another factor that goes into defining the modern data stack is the fact that they are designed to take on huge amounts of data. This means that modern tools are able to let a mass amount of data come in and be sorted in a way that is practical, useful, and efficient. It provides a solution for handling data at a pace that normal organizations simply could not keep up with. It also helps companies create logical dashboards that use data to their own benefit.

3. Integrated Data

When your data is siloed, it can create a ton of problems for organizations. But with the modern data stack, it all integrates into a larger piece of data architecture. This allows for the data to all work together and is routed, organized, and managed in a way that allows ease of accessibility for anyone who needs it.

4. One Suite of Tools

With the modern data stack, everything is put into the same place and allows all the tools to be integrated and used in the most simplistic of ways. This means that the modern data stack allows for easy version controls as data organizational needs change. It also means that the data can be shared with a large community who do not need to be fluent in code. It also means that there is an automated way to ensure that the data stacks are created.

Why It All Matters

So why should you actually care about the modern data stack? For a lot of reasons! The modern data stack has changed the game and allows companies who use it correctly to completely transform. Here are all the reasons why it really matters and how it can be a total gamechanger.

1. Supports More Efficiency

One of the most important reasons why the modern data stack matters is because it allows for the data a business collects to be used, managed, and understood more efficiently than ever before. Rather than crippling a team to manage the data all themselves, their skillsets can be put to use elsewhere while the modern data stack is dealt with in a really generic way.

Companies already making the most of modern data stacks are finding that their teams are more productive and there is less human error involved. 

2. Promotes More Innovation

When the modern data stack is integrated into how your company operates, it can lead to more innovative thinking and exceptional results. This is because the data stacks will be easier to understand and help teams create logical strategies that can produce real outcomes. The faster your company can take advantage of data, the better it is going to be for everyone.

3. Solves Complex Problems

As your company experiences growth, there will be more and more complex issues that need to get resolved. The modern data stack helps point your team in the right direction when it comes to figuring out solutions for various problems or simply keeping up with growing demand. Rather than have to navigate your way through hundreds of dashboards, you can see the important data in a much more funneled way that can provide value and solutions.


Integrating the modern data stack into your own business is going to be a complete gamechanger. They are already proving to help numerous companies experience massive growth and can be a real measure of support when it comes to keeping up with the crazy data-driven world that we live in today. 

To make the most of modern data stacks, you simply need to adjust your mentality, get the best technology and learn as you go.