What Do Medical Tourists Need To Know About Hair Transplants in Turkey?

By  //  July 1, 2022

When we speak about the facial beauty of men and women, hair plays one of the most significant factors. That is why it is difficult to accept when your hair starts to get thinner. It is one of the main reasons why more and more people decide to do hair transplants. The method is well-studied and helps solve the hair problem without any risk to a patient’s health.

Many countries offer hair transplant procedures, and Turkey wins the competition for now. In this article, we’re going to speak about the most common questions medical tourists have before making the final decision. For more details about Turkish clinics, surgeons, prices, and genuine reviews, patients can refer to the Ukrainian medical platform Bookimed at https://us-uk.bookimed.com/, which caters to people from around the world and provides services free of charge.  

Is There any Age Limit for a Hair Transplant Procedure?

Anyone who is dreaming of having healthy hair in balding zones is considered a good candidate for hair transplantation. The recommended age for this procedure is 20-25 years old. Most specialists refuse to do it for younger patients. You’d better wait for the right time and consider taking medicines prescribed by your doctor to stop the baldness process.

As for older patients (men and women 50+ years old), they have nothing to worry about because they have a high chance of having a successful hair transplant operation outcome. Thus, age is not the main factor in success rate, but a qualified specialist.

Are Hair Transplants Permanent?

According to numerous patient reviews, around 99% of follicles take root successfully. Such excellent results are possible if you choose a doctor with high qualification and experience. Patients should know that a few weeks after the surgery, a certain number of hair transplants will fall out. You should not worry about that because the most important is the follicles that remain and make new hair grow naturally. Besides, you risk nothing as top Turkey experts provide their clients with a lifetime warranty.

When Will New Hair Start Growing?

Most patients are impatient to see the first tiny hair on their bald areas. So, how should you be? New hair will start growing from transplanted follicles in approximately 2 months. Do not get surprised that they will be curly and difficult to handle. With time, you will see no difference with the rest of your hair. The long-awaited outcome will be in a year after the operation. You and all your surroundings will enjoy your thick and healthy hair.

Bookimed 7-Steps Guide to Arrange Hair Transplant Trip in Turkey:

1. Sending your request on the Bookimed website. The coordinator will get in contact with you to provide you with information and assistance in making the right choice.

2. Selecting the right clinic in Turkey. You’ll find an extensive list of the available hair transplant clinics that follow international standards.

3. Preparing your medical records. The medical center provides all clients with a preliminary hair transplant program that includes calculating the approximate travel budget in Turkey.

4. Scheduling your medical trip. Bookimed will arrange a convenient day for your appointment.

5. Preparing travel documents to enter the country. Citizens of certain countries need to apply for a visa in advance.

6. Arriving at the clinic and getting your hair transplant operation done.

7. Coming back home with satisfying results.

8. Writing a review on the Bookimed site. When you share your experience, this information will help other medical tourists.

Hair Transplantation Operation Isn’t Recommended in Case of the Following Diseases:

hypertension, hepatitis, cardiac diseases, and AIDS/HIV.

How Does a Hair Transplant Consultation Happen in Turkey?

Before the hair transplant surgery, every patient receives a consultation with a surgeon and trichologist. It is essential to carry out the complete medical history of a patient and give him/her individual medical recommendations.

As a rule, a consultation is divided into several steps:

1. Performing a general inspection.

2. Doing an in-depth diagnosing session.

3. Determining the volume of planned transplanted grafts.

4. Forming a new hairline.

5. Setting the final appointment for the hair transplant procedure.

6. Providing transfer services for a patient.

The approximate price for a hair transplant procedure in Turkey is $2,000. The minimum price starts from $900, and the maximum one is around $4,300. Besides, most Turkish centers are happy to offer their international patients so-called “all-inclusive” packages. When you order such a medical package via Bookimed, you pay the bill, which includes the procedure, a comfortable transfer from the airport directly to the hospital and back to the airport after the successful hair treatment.

Hotel Stay During Your Hair Transplant Trip

You should understand that hair transplantation is considered an outpatient medical procedure. Most Turkish clinics do not include an in-hospital stay in the final bill. However, if you order your package via Bookimed, you can get an exciting discount on 4-5 stars hotels located as close to the clinic as possible. 

How Do Medical Tourists Do Payments in Turkish Clinics?

All Turkish clinics that provide hair transplant services offer international medical tourists convenient payment options, which are safe:

 Cash — every patient can pay the bill in cash in the clinic directly. Note that Turkish clinics provide medical services without a deposit, so you pay as soon as the hair transplant procedure is finished.

■ Bank cards — all clinics accept Visa/MasterCard cards.


The day you decide to start arranging your hair transformation in one of the Turkish clinics will be the most unforgettable experience and life-changing event. You can enjoy not only a cost-effective hair transplant treatment, but combine it with your vacation in a superb country with rich history and beautiful landscapes. You should use your recovery period as a unique opportunity to better get to know Turkish traditions, culture, food, and local people.