What Do You Require to Get into the Air Force Academy?

By  //  July 26, 2022

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The mission of the United States Air Force Academy is to educate, train, and inspire men and women to lead the Air Force and Space Force in service to the nation.

What makes you a good candidate?

The AFA (Air Force Academy) is one of five Service Academies to choose from, so it’s essential to research and understand why this is the right academy for you. Consider your reasons in light of the mission above. The desire to join the Air Force or to obtain a space force badge should be among the top reasons. It is essential to have a passion for leadership and service. The Air Force Academy is not only an educational institution but also a career choice.

Basic requirements

You have to take notice that there are some legal and additional requirements for admission to The Air Force Academy. Legal Requirements:

■ 17-22 years old

■ U.S. Citizen

■ Unmarried

■ No legal obligation to support a child; not pregnant

The acceptance rate at the Air Force Academy

Many online places claim USAFA has an admission rate of around 10%. It’s true when considering the thousands of students who inquire about admission.

Air Force Academy receives about 11,500 applications every year. USAFA offers appointments to only 1,400 students. Based only on these facts, you would estimate the acceptance rate to be about 12%.

It is much higher, at around 48% than the official acceptance rate. Qualified candidates are taken into account when examining admissions statistics.

Candidates who meet the criteria outlined in this post are qualified. The admissions team considers that this applicant meets all three components of the “Whole Person Concept” in their application: scholar, athlete, and leader.

Approximately 2600 to 3,300 of the 11,500 students who apply are considered qualified by the admissions team. You have a 48% chance of being accepted to the Air Force Academy if you are a qualified candidate.

AFA Admission Requirements

Air Force Academy admission standards are high. Undoubtedly, those academics are the most critical factor, but athletics, extracurricular activities, leadership positions, and overall character are also considered. The admissions team of AFA will review your application to determine whether you are a good fit for the program.

AFA Academic Requirements

The Air Force Academy admissions team looks for academic capability when determining whether you can cope with USAFA’s rigorous course load. The admissions team prefers a well-rounded academic record with a high-class rank, GPA, and SAT/ACT scores. The average cadet ranks in the top 3% of their high school class.

What GPA do you need to be admitted to the Air Force Academy?

Academic excellence is a requirement for Air Force officers. To be considered a qualified candidate, you must be at the top of your class, with nearly straight As. Attendees to the Air Force Academy earn an average GPA of 3.85 yearly. In high school, 25% of Air Force Academy cadets earned a 4.0 GPA.

It is possible, to some extent, to compensate for a lower GPA by improving your SAT or ACT scores. If you have a GPA that fits these criteria, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll be offered an appointment by the admissions team, as they focus on the whole person concept (with the Selection Composite Score). Alternatively, the SCS also gives you a chance if you start excelling later in high school and your GPA isn’t as high.