3 New Hobbies to Try This Summer

By  //  August 18, 2022

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When the summer finally rolls around, there can be a pressure to not let any of it go to waste. Of course, it’s important to recognise this pressure as being irrational and potentially damaging to your free time – but it is indeed understandable that you might want to make the most of the season.

While your attention might naturally turn to things that you already enjoy, it’s worth considering potential new hobbies that you could indulge in. 

The prospect of trying something new can be both exciting and anxiety-inducing simultaneously, so it’s fair to say that you might be apprehensive. However, stepping out of your comfort zone can be beneficial and might encourage you to do so more in the future.

Water Sports

When faced with a sunny summer day, many people have the same instinct: rush to the beach. As relaxing as sunbathing all day can be, you might want to do more with those beach days – and if that’s the case, water sports might hold the answer. 

Even here, you have a range of options immediately open to you based on how extreme you want to go (as well as what’s available in your local area). It might be that you fancy going surfing or paddleboarding, or it might be something more related to the jet ski that takes your eye. 

Still, trying something new doesn’t have to mean that you’re trying something extreme; it could be that you’re more interested in something more laidback like kayaking instead, which can help you relax amidst the sea. 

Mobile Gaming

Gaming and summer might feel like two contradictory concepts to you, but you might be surprised at the amount of downtime you find yourself with throughout summer, either because you’re in the middle of a long journey or just waiting for some time to pass. In this case, mobile gaming might be what you’re looking for, as it can allow you to kill some time on the go with the use of a device you likely already have access to. 

While you have the run of the app store to find something that takes your interest, it might be that nothing there suits your tastes, in which case you could consider the kinds of exciting and timeless classic games available through the top AU casino sites instead.


In the times you find yourself sitting on the beach, under a tree, or just generally relaxing outside, it can be good to look at something that’s not going to be impeded by the glare of the sun. 

In this case, the classic option of the book might have your back. If you’ve always loved to read, you’ll likely need no convincing of how relaxing this can be, but if you’ve never gotten into it, you probably won’t understand what you can get from it that movies or games can’t give you. 

The truth is that this is something you can only really discover through trying it for yourself, though you might find that the solace of quietly reading by yourself, as well as the mental health benefits it arguably provides, are more than enough to sway you.