4 New Technologies in Recruiting

By  //  August 12, 2022

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In the modern digital era, new technological advancements are applied in different industries and fields. Recruiting is not an exception – there are many solutions that significantly improve the process of recruiting. In this article, we will discuss four technologies that help recruiters to do their jobs. 


95% of a recruiter’s work is communication and a large proportion of it begins with basic interview questions which filter out those candidates who fit job requirements and those who do not. Instead of asking these questions countless times, a recruiter can use chatbots.

This technology helps save the time needed for other tasks. Naturally, chatbots cannot replace human employees and cope with more complex interview questions but they still are a valuable tool for recruiting professionals. 

Recruiting Automation

Recruiting automation tools include numerous features that make a recruiter’s job easier. For example, instead of posting vacancies manually, with the use of recruiting automation, recruiters can easily post many vacancies on different platforms in a few clicks. There are also automation tools that predict candidates’ performance on the basis of their CVs and interviews.

With the help of such predictive analysis, recruiters can make more efficient hiring decisions. In general, recruiting automation tools scale up the process of recruitment and hiring. Moreover, these tools can do almost all the routine work of recruiters.

Social Media

Social media platforms are not only entertaining, but they are also very useful, especially in recruiting. Indeed, today, many businesses reach out to candidates via social media sites such as LinkedIn. LinkedIn is used by recruiters since it focuses excessively on the professional lives of users.

At the same time, even such platforms as Facebook can serve as a good source of employees. Corporate Facebook and Instagram pages of medium and small companies are sometimes even used for posting vacancies. The importance of social media is recognized by many professionals and businesses that rely on these platforms in building their brands. 

Applicant Tracking Software

One of the most useful technologies for recruiters is applicant tracking software (ATS). This technology is a database of collected CVs of professionals. Since a contact list is one of the most valuable resources for a recruiter, the creation of a good database of professionals takes years of work. This database should not exclude the candidates who are currently unavailable for hire.

On the contrary, in today’s fast-changing world, it is important to stay in touch with such candidates because they can become available in the near future. In this context, ATS software plays an important role since it helps recruiters in following the statuses of such candidates.

Also, ATS helps in filtering candidates and ranking them in accordance with job descriptions and requirements. Recruiters often receive tens of applications for job positions. Some of these applications are bulk and wordy, so ATS filters out only relevant ones. Thus, this type of software saves valuable time and makes the process of hiring much more efficient.