4 Reasons Why You Should Disregard Vacationing Abroad? Here’s What UK Holidays Offer

By  //  August 18, 2022

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Before you plan your next trip abroad, take time to consider the beautiful and lush landscape that the UK has to offer. What, with its immaculate sandy beaches, to the daunting Cumbrian mountain ridges and fells and slyly hidden Cornish coves, a holiday in the UK is worth forgetting about your passport. 

Pack a few bags, buy a travel guide and start exploring the sights and sounds that are in abundance. To help you on your adventure, here are a few reasons that will convince you to book a UK holiday:

Shorter Travel Times

Traveling to amazing destinations within the UK is not much of a hassle. In fact, the joys of exploring the swooping valleys of the Lake District or taking a relaxed evening stroll across the coastline pales in comparison to the backache you will experience when sitting at airport lounges. 

At this point, booking a ‘staycation’ is starting to sound like a delight. Better yet, when you travel locally, especially with children in the back, the travel time reduces drastically so you can crack on with your holiday immediately.

Save the Environment and Economy

If you don’t live under a rock, you probably know that airplanes contribute significantly to the emission of greenhouse gases. Even worse are the cheap daily flights that people clamor for. Do you know what doesn’t harm the environment as much? 

A short trip to a nearby holiday park or a stay at one of the Harrogate hotels with your friends and family. Not only are you contributing to the UK’s tourist industry which is valued at £106 billion, but the staycation that you booked also helps employ more than two million people.

Bottom Line

It doesn’t come as a surprise that you will save more by not booking expensive flights to go sightseeing overseas. Instead, we have prepared a curated list of local UK experiences and trips that do not break the bank but will guarantee one heck of a time.

However, a reduction in travel costs is only one justification for booking a UK holiday. While it remains an unquestionable benefit, let’s focus on the wide range of travel options and stunning scenery that the UK has to offer. Here is a few of them:

Top 4 of What UK Holidays Offer

1. The Cornish Riviera

Whilst there is no denying the beauty and aura that is the French Riviera, how easy is it to find a perfectly clotted cream cone in Cannes? In addition, is it even possible comparing the fish to a fresh catch off the British coast? In our honest opinion, no! 

When you compare the communities living off the French south coast, the neighborhoods and streets in Padstow and Port Isaac are just as par. 

In reality, the far southwest of England has drawn painters and artists of all stripes, much like the south of France, because of the beaches and sea views as well as the light. 

Cornwall is an excellent location for a restful, sun-kissed mini-break because there are no baggage limits or challenging airline schedules, so you’ll be in vacation mode before you ever arrive.

2. 100-Year Historical Seaside Beach Huts 

With a heritage that is eons old, the traditional seaside is home to many vacation parks that are reminiscent of Victorian-age seaside fun. The location of these parks is conveniently located near some of Britain’s top and most exquisite holiday destinations. 

Despite the weather not being as glamorous as that of the Mediterranean, tourists are landing in droves to experience the timeless resorts of Great Yarmouth and Ryde on the Isle of Wight since time immemorial. With their classic arcades and other forms of entertainment, these destinations will transport you to the heyday of UK vacations.

Feel free to browse through the vacation parks in the Isle of Wight and East Anglia that will transport you back to a traditional setting whilst planning for your next beach adventure.

3. UK Weather: Hit or Miss?

We all know how dull and unpredictable British weather can be all year long. Before you hop on a plane and leave the UK in your quest for sunshine and a tan, you’ll want to take advantage of the rare perfect British summer days – because they are not in plenty.

Spending a wonderful day at the beach or taking advantage of a clear sky from a Lake District mountain’s summit are both excellent ideas. You’ll question why you ever contemplated vacationing in the Mediterranean during steamy British summer days.

4. Mountainscape: Friends for a Lifetime

Oftentimes, families that book holiday vacations in the Parkdean Resorts find that their kids end up forming close relationships with other families that are also staying there. Interestingly, other visitors come back to the same place just to rekindle the relationships formed many years ago. This serves as a major advantage when considering local travel.

Vacationing in the UK has fewer huddles and challenges to navigate through when booking similar destinations at the same time. In short, it’s as simple as selecting your preferred holiday park, packing a bag, and driving off without the burden of renewing your passport or purchasing travel insurance.