5 Nighttime Routine Tips To Get a Better Night’s Sleep

By  //  August 25, 2022

Do you struggle with getting a good night’s sleep? Not to fret, as you are not alone in this situation. Many of us go to bed every night hoping to drift off with ease, only to find ourselves tossing and turning for hours as we try to force ourselves to sleep.

The desperation is out of good measure—as sleep is the actual foundation to us feeling healthy and happy. It is one of the key fundamentals when it comes to having enhanced well-being too. 

Without a good night sleep, you will likely find yourself waking up in the morning feeling depleted and low on energy. You will also likely struggle to get motivated, eat healthily and enjoy the day. When we do not feel our best during the day, it can become a real drag.

So how do you get quality sleep when you seem to suffer from insomnia and restless nights? We have rounded up all you need to know about enhancing your own bedtime routine so you can catch some “z’s” with ease. 

In fact, there is research coming out that shows hope for those that want to get a better night’s sleep. Simply enhancing your wind-down routine in the hours leading to bed can have a really positive impact on your ability to get to sleep and the quality of sleep you end up having. 

Here are all the best tips to follow when upgrading your bedtime routine.

 1. Make Your Bedroom a Sanctuary

Firstly, your nighttime routine should take place in what feels like a sanctuary. This means that you should turn your bedroom into a peaceful place that promotes calmness and comfort. A great way to do this is simply to turn the temperature down in your bedroom. Sleeping in a room that is sitting at a cool 60 degrees Fahrenheit can have a really positive impact on how comfortable you feel cuddled up underneath your blankets. 

Equally, you should be making sure that it is dark and that unwanted light does not get into your room. So as part of your nighttime routine draw the blinds and curtains before anything else so that you can start to unwind without blinding light keeping you on high alert. 

But the transformation of a sanctuary does not stop there. You can also transform your bed into a safe haven. Investing in the little details like quality pillow cases can be a real game-changer. So fluff your pillows up as you hop into your bed in your cool and dark sanctuary. You will be ready for sleep in no time.

 2. Turn On a Calming Playlist

As you prepare your bedroom for sleep and prepare to brush your teeth and wash your face, turn on a calming playlist that helps you start to unwind. For example, pick an acoustic playlist on your Spotify that has a soothing beat and promotes feelings of calm. Or even tune into some jazz music if you want to just appreciate some instrumentals.

Music is a great way to help us physically relax too, with known benefits of being able to lower your blood pressure and heart rate while also lifting your mood.

 3. Practice Meditation and Mindfulness

When thoughts consume our minds it can be hard to drift off to sleep. That is why practicing mindfulness and meditation as part of your bedtime routine is a great way to promote quality sleep with ease. You can write down your worries or stress in a journal. Or you can listen to a headspace meditation that helps you clear your head of all worries.

 4. Turn Off the Computer and Phone

One of the biggest hindrances to a good night’s sleep is too much exposure to blue light. That is why as part of your bedtime routine you should absolutely ditch the electronic devices at least one hour before sleep. Instead, replace looking at a screen with reading a really good book. You will be amazed at its dramatic impact on feeling relaxed and falling asleep.

 5. Take a Bath

Another great addition to your bedtime routine should be taking a calming bath. The heated water can help soothe any stressed-out muscles and also lower our heart rate and blood pressure. Why not make every night a spa and add some bath salts to make it feel extra special? You can even combine some of the earlier tips like reading a book or listening to music into your bathtime too.


Getting a great night’s sleep is so important. These five additions to your bedtime routine will help ensure that you drift off with ease and wake up the next morning feeling great and ready to accomplish your list of goals for the day. What additions will you focus on when going to bed?