6 Ways To Take Your Backyard From Drab To Fab

By  //  August 2, 2022

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Having a large backyard is like having an open canvas to point upon. Make this outdoor space a family favourite hang-out spot by decorating it with something for every member of the family. You don’t need to break your bank to make your backyard aesthetic, functional and useful. Here are six simple ways to spruce up your backyard on a budget.

Invest In Outdoor Rugs

Whoever said rugs are only for indoor spaces didn’t know much about the elegance of outdoor rugs. The most cost-effective way of sprucing up an outdoor seating space is to slip in a rug beneath it. Contrary to what most homeowners may think, laying a rug outdoors is possible, without having to run out at the slightest hint of a downpour. Go with weatherproof materials, braving either sun or rain.

The safest bet from that perspective is a rug made from polypropylene or synthetic materials. These rugs hold their own despite the humidity and sun exposure outside. Choose a rug in bright colours to prevent dust or debris from showing easily. This rug can also double up as a cosy spot for kids to soak in some sun while working on puzzles or games. 

Spruce Up Empty Walls

What’s a home without some fancy focal points and artefacts? Use the empty walls in your backyard to add some character to your outdoor space. Put up a mirror to reflect positive energy and light. Display some beautiful Egyptian sculptures on a focal wall to flaunt your love for history and art.

Set up a bird feeder or water pot on an adjacent tree to invite some winged creatures home and make your backyard a familiar spot for them. Set up a mini-fountain on an empty wall alongside a Buddha statue, giving off serene and scenic vibes in your backyard. There is so much you can do by simply using empty focal walls. Just allow them to be a surface of expression for your personality and watch the magic unfold!

Set Up A Breakfast Spot

What better way to start your day than with a king-size breakfast with a view? While this may be a stretch for weekday rush hour mornings, a leisure weekend breakfast outdoors is certainly a luxury you can own. Invest in sturdy and all-weather outdoor wicker furniture that remains as good as new come sun or rain.

Not only is wicker furniture extremely comfortable, but it is also low on maintenance and can be easily wiped clean. An outdoor wicker dining set is your best investment to make your backyard a family favourite hangout spot. It’s a great place to bond as a family and touch up on the week that was. Wicker Furniture Direct offer durable top-quality outdoor furniture. For when you are traveling or not using your outside space, you can also consider investing in waterproof garden furniture covers to avoid the hassle of regular cleaning.

Set Up A Play Zone

Make your backyard the favourite play zone for your kids by investing in simple outdoor play experiences. This will save you the hassle of driving them to the park every other day to dispel their energy and get them to be active. It is also a great way to deflect their attention from gadgets and screens.

Pick up a jungle gym, a slide and a trampoline that is age-appropriate and fits your outdoor area in terms of size. The safest bet for a weather-resistant material is either plastic or stainless steel. This will make the backyard your kids’ favourite hangout spot at home!

Invest In A Sunshade

There’s only so much you can do outdoors without the heat or the sun (or even the rain!) getting to you. why not invest in a sturdy and durable sunshade to enjoy the unlimited outdoor time? Bring home a portable large sunshade made of weather-proof fabric. Come hail, rain or sun, this large canopy of shade is what you need to save the day!

Opt for a portable variant so you can move it around to your outdoor seating, the kids’ water pool, the dog kennel or even your car when you’re tending to it. A comfortable spot in the shade makes outdoor time all the more relaxed.

French It Up

The charm of French doors is unparalleled. Identify the windows in your home that face the backyard and give it a vintage touch by opting for a French door design. Not only does this give you visibility indoors and outdoors, but it also adds an open and fresh feel to your home.

French doors are timeless furnishing options that are ideal to overlook a backyard or a garden. Invest in a good pair of curtains to draw over your doors in the peak afternoon sun to prevent regular sun rays from damaging your flooring. On all other fronts, French doors are an absolute pleasure to have!

Wrap Up

We hope the above ideas have left your mind buzzing with thoughts on how you can replicate them in your home to create a beautiful backyard!