6 Ways To Use Your Backyard To Earn An Income

By  //  August 2, 2022

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In the age of recession and rising inflation, it is tough to run home even on two incomes. As one of Warren Buffet’s best quotes about finances and investment goes, it is important to make your money earn money for you. A great way to facilitate that is to use your backyard to earn you a side income.

This can be skilled-based, where you use your outdoor space to produce something. Backyards can even be used for space-based income, which involves renting them out for various purposes. If you are looking for suitable options to generate an income out of your backyard, here are six ways you can make it happen. 

Backyard Chicken Coop

Poultry farming is a great mechanism to earn a steady income from your backyard. While this business idea requires some initial effort and investment in terms of money, learning and fixtures, it soon becomes a well-oiled machine that earns well through chickens and eggs.

A chicken coop is a labour-intensive business, so ensure you have enough help around your backyard to get everyday chores done such as cleaning the coop, feeding the chickens, replacing water, collecting eggs and more. For a functional, sturdy and durable chicken coop, check out my chicken coop.

Rent Your Seating Area

There are several takers for a private party zone, but there aren’t enough such cosy spaces to seek out! Many individuals enjoy hosting private parties, but often lack the space in their own homes. Offer up your backyard on various local portals for friends looking to hire a backyard for the night.

This is a great way to make rental income out of a portion of your home you may not use every day. Before you put out your backyard for party rentals, ensure you create an opaque closure between your home and your backyard that can be drawn up in such times to ensure complete privacy on both sides. Also, invest in comfortable outdoor seating that is ideal for large groups. 

Grow A Vegetable Patch

What’s not to love about fresh and organic vegetables? Set up a vegetable patch in your backyard to sell fresh and seasonal produce. Buyers in your neighbourhood will love the fact that your veggies come sans pesticides or injected chemicals. While setting up a vegetable patch isn’t an easy feat, requiring months of prepping, tending, watering and nurturing, it certainly will be worth the effort. Getting the soil ready itself can take weeks together.

Consult a local farmer on the best vegetables and fruits that can grow and thrive in your region. He will also guide you on the common mistakes you can avoid in gardening. Invest in pots, containers, compost, seeds and more. This idea is useful if your backyard has moderate sunlight and an open patch of greenery. 


Beekeeping is increasingly becoming not just a hobby for many homeowners but also a source of additional income. A single hive produces anywhere between 40-100 pounds of honey in a year, each pound selling for $10-$12, making a neat profit for beekeepers with minimal effort.

Bees are self-sufficient beings, requiring little effort in terms of food, cleaning or upkeep. Read up on the basics of caring for a beehive. All you need to be mindful of is the safety aspects of a beehive in you have children around. Beehives are best left untouched or undisturbed. Ensure your backyard can offer an isolated nook to a couple of beehives before you consider this profession.


If you think your backyard is one of the more scenic ones in the neighbourhood, consider renting it out for photography classes. A garden patch, beehives, animals, flowers, bird feeders, trees, an open sky and even a large open landscape are some of the many objects useful for in-depth photography, still life photography, portrait photography and more.

Set aside weekends to allow budding photographers to rent your backyard and capture some beautiful images. Give your backyard plenty of focal points and colourful nooks to create a perfect setting for photography. A bonus for raking in the moolah would be offering refreshments and snacks from your kitchen. One good project is all you need to make your garden famous in photography circles.

Offer Your Garage For Sales

Garage sales are a hit in all neighbourhoods. While there are many takers in terms of buyers and sellers, there aren’t many spots that are large enough to conduct these sales. If you have a spacious garage or backyard which can house some stalls, consider giving it out for garage sales.

This could be for apparel, household items, gadgets or even tools. Throw open your large backyard and enjoy a neat cut from the sales of every stall. This is a great way to earn out of just opening up your space for a few hours to a busy crowd.

Wrap Up

We hope the above ideas give you enough inspiration on earning a neat side income from your backyard!