7 Essentials To Buy Before You Bring A New Dog Home

By  //  August 2, 2022

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Bringing home a new dog is ushering happiness, joy and an unprecedented bond in your life. What it also brings is a lifelong responsibility toward the dog’s nutrition, safety and good health. If you are what fixtures and essentials you need to invest in before bringing a new puppy home, we have you covered! Here are six essential items to keep handy to welcome the new member of your family!

Dog Kennel

Outdoor time is a must-have in your dog’s daily routine. What better way to facilitate that than to invest in a dog kennel? A kennel is your dog’s little home within your home. It is a place he can tuck himself in for some leisure amidst all the outdoor exploration. Dogs are naturally curious and thrive when left in an outdoor space.

Having a kennel gives them a place to relax and rejuvenate before getting active again. Ensure you buy a dog kennel that can house your dog’s full-grown adult size. Additionally, a well-ventilated kennel with easy human access to clean it ensures your dog stays in good health when using the kennel. For a good-quality kennel, check out the vast collection of dog kennels at my dog supplies

Other must-have items for all dog owners are dog car seat covers so that you can keep your car clean from dogs, kids, and messy jobs.

Grooming Essentials

Dogs can get very messy, very soon. Think of a puppy as having a toddler for life. This is why investing in the right grooming essentials for your pet ensures you put your best foot forward in terms of his cleanliness and good health. An unkempt dog can also spread germs and dirt around your house, putting your family at risk. Ensure you shampoo your dog’s fur, brush his teeth and clip his nails regularly.

Also, put down clear rules on where the paws can and cannot go. Summers can be particularly tough on dogs, leading them to shed regularly. Pet fur and dander around the house can spell trouble for your family’s health. Invest in a good dog shampoo for the summer after consulting your vet. 

Food & Water Bowls

Your new puppy has been likely separated from his mother at an early stage in life. As she was his primary source of nutrition and nourishment, this basic need must be put in place from day one. Invest in a food and water bowl of good quality that your puppy can identify with from his first meal with you.

Every time the food bowl is brought out at meals, your dog will know what is coming his way. This association will soon leave a positive imprint in this mind and help create a bond between you and your furry friend, as one of parent and child. The security of receiving regular meals in the same bowl will soon make your dog comfortable and at ease. 

Collar & Leash 

Get your new puppy used to wearing a collar and a leash from day one. Not only is this an easy way of identifying your dog, but it is also the foremost requirement for his safety. An adjustable collar that can grow as your puppy grows will ensure he enjoys wearing his collar for walks, training sessions, or even while lazing at home.

Next up, match your dog’s collar with the right leash. Most dogs do not like wearing a leash, so it won’t be long before your furry friend nibbles and tears his into bits. This is why bring home a sturdy nylon leash that won’t give way no matter if he tugs or bites at it. 


What’s a day without some play, fun and activity? The key to a happy dog is being an active dog. And what better way to ensure your dog is happy and thriving than by getting him the best toys to entertain every type of dog? Invest in a variety of age-appropriate toys that stimulate various senses in your furry friend.

From running, jumping, biting, thinking and even chasing, ensure your dog has plenty of practice in hand-eye coordination, critical thinking, and visual and olfactory stimulation among other things. Pick up good quality toys made of safe materials that do not break off easily. Periodically check your dog’s toys to ensure they aren’t in a dilapidated condition as this is one of the most common choking hazards. 

Indoor Bed

As much as dogs thrive in an outdoor environment, extremely harsh weather can force your furry friend to remain indoors. Peak summer afternoon heat, shrill winter nights or pounding rain are situations when your dog is safer inside your home. For such days, invest in a comfortable and spacious indoor bed that your dog can curl into.

Choose one with memory foam and an orthopedic-approved one in case you have an older dog. What’s more, there will be times when you prefer bonding with your dog indoors. And, if you aren’t going to allow your dog on your bed, he’s going to want one of his own, right?

Wrap Up

We hope the above ideas help you bond with your new dog for a happy and lasting relationship!