7 Furniture Items That Define the Aesthetics of Your Living Room

By  //  August 2, 2022

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A living room is the primary hangout zone for your family. It is also the space where you entertain guests and create a shared space that reflects the personality of your family members. Hence, this space must be functional, aesthetic and elegant. A lot of this depends on the kind of furniture you choose for your living room.

If you are looking for inspiration and living room trends in 2022, here are seven furnishing ideas for your living room. 

Built-In Bookshelves

If you are a bookworm, surely a library room must be a part of your dream home. While this isn’t possible in new-age compact homes, built-in bookshelves are certainly a welcome alternative. Identify a wall that flaunts a natural crevice in your living room and voila! – Your very own mini-library now has a probable spot.

Put down some wooden shelves at various angles to make a vertical built-in bookshelf to flaunt your prized possessions. This will add character to your living room and give it a touch of your personality. What’s more, books make for great conversation starters – so what better place to have them than where you host your guests?

TV Unit

A TV unit is ubiquitous in all living rooms. What matters is the kind of TV unit you choose – this can define the entire vibe of your living room. Let’s not forget that the living room TV unit attracts the maximum eye share, so make it worthwhile by choosing an elegant TV unit that adds character to your home!

Sleek floating TV units with a high-gloss polyurethane finish and soft close drawers are ideal for any modern living room. In today’s time, TV units double up as entertainment units to house PlayStations, gadgets, projectors and other devices. Choose a unit with plenty of shelve space to keep all your devices in one place. Visit www.retrodesigns.com.au to find modern TV units to suit the layout of your living room. 

Vintage Firewood Storage

Enjoy a welcome break from those modern and minimalistic living rooms by taking inspiration from vintage homes. A big part of old-world homes was the fireplace and the firewood storage. Give your home a Victorian touch by using a crevice or corner to create an appealing firewood storage nook.

As it isn’t a functional fireplace and purely for aesthetic purposes, you could glue in the pieces of wood to enjoy a sense of permanency. This décor idea will give your home a warm and old-world appeal, uplifting an otherwise common living room. This is a great idea if you have some storage space or floor space to spare.

Oversized Plant

We have all heard of small indoor plants or succulents that are ideal for living rooms. Why not ditch the ordinary and go all-out with an oversized potted plant? An understated nook in your living room could use a splash of colour with an oversized potted plant. This is a great way to bring some greenery into your living room and give it a fresh, easy feel. While a plant isn’t a piece of furniture, it certainly is a way to lend some personality to your living room. Bird of Paradise, Corn Plant, Fishtail Palm and Dragon Tree are some of the famous oversized indoor plants that are easy to maintain and ideal for aesthetics.

The Right Sofa

The kind of sofa you choose can set the entire theme of your living room. There are several types of sofas to choose from. Opt for a deep-toned velvet sofa to give your room a touch of luxury. Bouncy leather sofas are great to lend a contemporary and casual vibe. Throw in an accent chair to add a unique dimension to your seating area. An ottoman stool also adds up as additional seating when you are hosting guests. Complement your sofas with colourful cushions to give your living room a splash of colour.

Bar Cart

Just cannot figure out how to squeeze in a home bar in your compact home? Fret not! A stylish bar cart can come to the rescue. Invest in a wooden cart for a vintage farmhouse feel or an elegant metallic one for a more contemporary look. Bar carts are great to roll around and refill your guests’ drinks during a house party. With plenty of space for bar accessories, mixers, glasses, bottle openers, corks and bottles of various shapes and heights, a bar cart is a must-have for an alcohol aficionado. 

Storage Space

Let’s not forget the need for practical storage space in a living room. Ensure your living room has a blend of both open and covered storage. Open shelving can be made dramatic by having a zig-zag or grid-like storage. Place some books, artefacts, cutlery, photographs and more to give your open shelves plenty of substance. Covered storage can be used to store office or stationery supplies, school books and other utilities that have limited aesthetics. 

Wrap Up

We hope the above ideas have got your mind churning on how you can create a winning living room!