Can you Write an Essay in an Hour? – Let’s Find out

By  //  August 30, 2022

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I confess that I’ve never written an essay in one hour. And yet, I write hundreds of them year after year—and get high Cs at best. It’s not that I’m lazy or disorganised; my problem has always been that when I start writing an essay, I know almost instantly that it will take more than 60 minutes to finish it. 

Students work on a lot more than just studying. These factors and others can make writing hard. You can get assignment help in UK if you need it. 

So if you find yourself facing the same dilemma (or if you’d like to learn how to write an excellent essay in less than 60 minutes), here are some steps you can take:

Determine what kind of essay it is.

An essay is a written composition that presents the author’s argument and analysis of the topic. In some cases, it’s a short story or dramatic work written in prose, but in others, it could be an argumentative piece like a newspaper editorial. In any case, an essay must have a thesis statement that synthesises all of its ideas into one coherent thought or view.

Make a thesis statement.

The next step is to create your thesis statement, which should be a sentence that states the main idea of your essay. A thesis statement is the foundation of your essay and should be debatable; that means it must be something you can prove with evidence. It’s also essential to ensure your thesis statement is not too broad or narrow. For example, if you’re writing about how humans are destroying the earth’s resources (too wide), then maybe you could narrow it down by saying humans are wasting the earth’s resources because they consume too much food and use up natural resources for their own needs (better).


They help you organize your thoughts, ensure they fit together, and prevent writer’s block. They’ll also keep your essay on the topic and make sure it doesn’t get too long (or too short). Finally, they’ll help you avoid redundancy—repeating the same idea multiple times in different ways—and missing information (such as an essential fact or statistic that would tie together two separate paragraphs).

Write your first draft in one hour.

While it may seem counterintuitive, the best way to write an essay in one hour is by writing as quickly as possible. If you want to finish your paper in one hour, I suggest you don’t stop yourself while writing it.

While this may seem like a recipe for disaster and a surefire way to end up with a terrible essay full of mistakes and awkward phrasing, the truth is: That’s exactly what will happen! And that’s what we want! That’s why we’re going through all this trouble right now—so we can write our first draft as fast as possible and go back and fix all those mistakes later.

Regarding it, two things will help us write our first draft quickly: speed and practice. The faster we can type or write (or whatever), the quicker our fingers will move across the keyboard and bring out words from deep within ourselves; giving them life on screen before anyone else has read them yet—they’ll still be fresh when readers see them later on in their own minds’ eyes because they haven’t been tainted by anyone else yet!

Proofread and correct your draft.

 Proofread and correct your draft. You may want to proofread your essay before you start writing it, but it’s best if you do this after writing the first draft. This way, any mistakes or problems will be fresh in your mind, allowing you to catch them more easily.

Use spell check. Spell check is an excellent way to catch spelling mistakes—but it won’t catch grammar or capitalization mistakes! Suppose one word looks wrong but isn’t misspelt (for example: “I love going on hikes every weekend”). In that case, that’s probably not a spelling problem at all—it’s likely just an incorrect usage of punctuation marks like commas and periods that could be fixed using other types of punctuation instead (like semicolons).

Check for grammar mistakes: Using proper grammar helps ensure the clarity of your writing style and conveys respect for others who read what you write—so proofreading is always important! But even when editing some of their work, many people aren’t sure where they should begin when looking for grammar errors; this can lead them astray when trying to fix those errors because they aren’t sure which ones matter most when making corrections (and which ones don’t). The following tips will help clarify how writers should approach proofreading their essays, so they know exactly what needs fixing–and thus were the best place for their time during editing sessions.”


In the end, it’s all about confidence and preparation. If you can get into a mindset where you know that you have everything under control, your essay will be written in no time. You can also rely on dissertation writers UK for any of your projects.