Cargo Vans: 3 Great Models to Suit Your Business Needs

By  //  August 2, 2022

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When you do business, you try to select equipment with the best price-quality ratio. Therefore, a cargo van is in many cases an ideal solution for business needs. Excellent maneuverability, relatively compact size compared to trucks, and large cargo space make the van a frequent choice for work related to the transport of goods. 

Now you can pick up van rental at any point convenient for you. To rent a van, you only need a credit card and a driver’s license. Van rental is a convenient way to have a large car for temporary use whenever you want, but if you need such a vehicle often, then it’s better to buy it. 

Surely you are considering various options and comparing their technical characteristics. Luckily, we’ve done all the work for you, and have prepared a detailed review of the most worthy vans for business. Choose one of them and it will become a worthy assistant in your commercial development.

Citroen Jumper

The engineers managed to combine the visual lightness of the car with the correct geometry, which guarantees the ease of transporting goods. Those who often rent a van have already appreciated this advantage. 

The driver’s seat meets all technical standards. The car is easy to maintain and reliable in parts that are made of strong and durable materials. The gearshift lever is located on the ebb of the center console. Firstly, it minimizes the necessary effort to change gear, and secondly, it frees up space to accommodate another seat. 

The car is equipped with an automatic or mechanical 6-speed gearbox. There’s no choice of a power unit, but the capabilities of the installed motor are sufficient even for the fully-loaded car. Idling doesn’t lead to noise and vibrations, while the car is also not loud while driving. 

The transmission also leaves a positive impression. It’s thought out to the smallest detail, which makes it possible to move in dynamic urban conditions.

Citroen Jumper Specifications

Engine: a diesel-powered 2.2-liter unit

Power: 130 hp

Maximum speed: 90-100 miles per hour

Fuel economy: 27-30 MPG 

Tank volume: 24-32 gallons 

Payload: up to 4,000 lbs

RAM Promaster

After some upgrades, this model looks much more modern. The engineers were able to increase the vehicle’s structure by strengthening the body and door mountings. In addition, the car is now equipped with an improved braking system, while the steering has been reconfigured. 

This van model comes in several variations. This affects the body capacity and payload of the van. The automaker additionally reinforced walls and floor of the van with plywood and plastic panels. There are special lugs on the sides and floor for securing the load. 

The all-metal partition separating the cargo compartment from the passenger compartment can be fitted with glass. In some models, the salon has 2 sliding side doors. Working in the load compartment at night is easy due to the presence of lighting. Thanks to the design features of the hinged rear doors, as well as the low height, loading/unloading the vehicle is convenient. 

The other advantage of the last-generation RAM Promaster is the diesel engine. The car starts very confidently, even when fully loaded. Great motor dynamics makes it easy to change gears. RAM Promaster will be an excellent choice for business needs. Moreover, you can easily pick it up as a rental van for temporary use. 

RAM Promaster Specifications

Engine: a diesel-powered 2.3-liter unit

Power: 130 hp

Maximum speed: 100 miles per hour

Fuel economy: 32 MPG 

Tank volume: 24-32 gallons 

Payload: up to 4,000 lbs

Ford Transit 

The Ford Transit is a frequent model in the fleets of many van rental companies. This model began the history of commercial vehicles in the United States. Since then, quite significant changes have occurred in its design and characteristics. 

Outwardly, the van has become more complicated, but in fact, the developers have tried to do everything possible to minimize the cost of its maintenance. For example, the front bumper now has a composite structure. In the event of a minor accident, this allows you not to change it entirely, but replace only the damaged element. Unpainted plastic pads are located along the sidewalls. 

Scheduled maintenance has also become available. 23 major operations are now much faster. In addition, they don’t require specialized tools to complete them. This means that even an ordinary specialist can service the car.

You don’t have any surprises in handling. It’s a large car with soft suspension settings to handle any road surface. In parking lots, the steering wheel turns easily, but when driving on the highway it creates a pleasant resistance. 

It’s impossible to surprise anyone with electronic stability control today, but the presence of the CurveControl system is a really pleasant surprise. Its essence is to estimate the current speed when entering a turn. If it exceeds the permissible safe rate, the system will automatically lower it to the required level. 

The other competitive advantages of this van include a tire pressure monitor, as well as the driver fatigue monitoring system. The Auto-Start-Stop system allows you to save fuel, while the adaptive load control allows you to reconfigure the stabilization system in time. 

 Engine: diesel-powered 2.2-liter unit

Power: 135 hp

Maximum speed: 100 miles per hour

Fuel economy: 34 MPG 

Tank volume: 27 gallons 

Payload: up to 3,270 lbs