Cash Loans

By  //  August 15, 2022

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Money is essential to buy our wants and needs, but unfortunately, money is not always available to us. So people tend to lean toward the option of loans. Loaning is tedious work and needs requirements to attain. But there is a way to skip the long lines and plenty of paperwork, introducing Cash loans!

So what are cash loans? Cash loans, in general, are a type of loan that gives you the option to hand it to you by hand or in a bank. You can loan it by doing it online or by using a verified app. In the Philippines, cash loans are fast and easy to get, can be done in just an hour, or by doing fast cash loan, it will be finished in just a minute. So if you need a quick loan, Cash Loans Philippines got your back!

Cash loan program in the Philippines 

Bank Cash loans

Different banks have their unique cash loans, each with different requirements needed, interest rates, and the amount of loan you can get. Getting a bank cash loan is one of the safest, secure, and trusted ways to get cash.

You can also talk with a financer to work around the loan you want to get. Bank cash loans also offer a high amount of loan that can range from a 10,000php up to 2,000,000 PHP with a low-interest rate and a reasonable loan term. Nonetheless, a bank cash loan is always a secure and safe way to get started on cash loaning, may it be for an emergency or buying your needs

Online Lender

If you want a quick and easy way to get cash and with minimum requirements, an online lender is a way to go. The online lender is one of the fastest and most popular ways in the Philippines to get a cash loan. There are hundreds of trusted sites online, each with its loan amount, interest rate, and requirements.

They are easy, fast, and accessible ways to get a cash loan. Some online lenders also use a verified app to make it easier for you. In summary, if you want a cash loan quick and fast, an online lender is the way.

Interest rate of Cash loans in different Partners

There are different institute and organization that offers cash loan in the Philippines. Different lenders can offer a wide range of loans from 5,000php up to the maximum of 2,000,000php. They also set their interest rate from 1.5% up to 3% per month and have different lengths of time to pay. 

Nonetheless, cash loans in the Philippines are useful to buy your needs, and here are some of the organization that offers cash loans with the help of Upfinances.


interest rates – 1,66% per month

loan term – 6 months Collateral: yes

loan amount: – 2 000 PHP – 50,000 PHP

Requirements – 1 Government ID, Filipino Citizen, Verified income. 


interest rates: 10% per month

loan term:  1-5 months

loan amount: 10 000 PHP

Requirements: 1 Government ID, Work information, and bank account details

Security Bank

interest rates: 3.16% per month

loan term: 3 – 36 months with 2,000 PHP processing fee

loan amount: 30,000 PHP – 2 000 000 PHP

Requirements: Employed – Government ID, Income Documents

    Self-Employed – Government ID, Business or mayor permit, DTI Certificate, 3 trade References

Money cat

interest rates: interest free on first loan. Next loan is 11.9% per month

loan term: 3-6 months

loan amount: 500PHP – 20,000PHP

Requirements:  At least 18 years of age, Filipino residence 

Cash Mart

interest rates: 3.6% per month

loan term: 3 months with processing fee of 10%

loan amount: 5,000PHP – 50,000PHP

Requirements: 21 years old, Employed, 1 valid id, Latest proof of billing 

How to apply for a cash loan

Prepare your Documents and Requirements

The first thing you check is your requirements. Each bank or lender has requirements and qualifications when acquiring a cash loan. Banks might be stricter and requires documents while other online lenders need your info and a way for you to pay back your loan. Either way, it is important to know the requirements beforehand before acquiring a cash loan. The following are the common requirement. 

Government ID: Any government issued ID

Age: Must be at least 18 years old and above

Citizenship: Must be a Filipino

Income: Pay slip, Work information, Latest proof of billing

Though some online lenders might require fewer documents and requirements. It is still important to be ready with the said document when availing of a Cash loan, in banks or in Online lenders.

Check the Bank or Online lender for information

In acquiring a Cash loan, a proper knowledge of the bank and online lender is important to have a safe and smooth process of your cash loan. Getting into their website or inquiring in the banks is important to know the amount of loan they can give, the interest, and loan term.

You might have additional benefits in some banks like promos and discounts. You can also know the processing time of each loan, so if you are in a hurry, check first on how fast they approved your loan so you can have your cash loan in an instant. 

With the right information and knowledge, you can compare each bank and online lender to fit what you need and to suit your financial needs.

Applying for a Cash Loan with Upfinance

Upfinance is one of the best help when inquiring about and getting a cash loan. They are partners with multiple banks and online lenders so you can compare each one to suit your needs. They provide you with sufficient information and have their own interface to help you easily and quickly get your cash loans. In this way, Upfinance offers top-quality service and provides you with great information also in accordance with the law of the Philippines

Upfinances are a great support in every financial situation you encounter. They offer not just cash loans but also multiple loans as well. They are also accessible, easy, and most of all verified. You can trust them in your finances.