Consequences People Must Consider Before Drinking and Driving

By  //  August 1, 2022

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The act of drinking and driving is becoming increasingly common these days, and people underestimate how serious the consequences can be. Most of them assume that they’re focused or ‘have it under control’ when that’s nowhere near the truth. 

In fact, around 32 people die in car accidents due to drinking and driving every single day, according to NHTSA. In 2020, there’s been an increase of 14% of deaths from drunk-driving accidents 2019. It has been proven that these deaths could have been prevented if only the drivers weren’t under the influence of alcohol.

The effect alcohol has on a driver’s driving abilities.

Alcohol is categorized as a ‘substance.’ It’s used to reduce the cognitive abilities of the human brain. A person under the influence of alcohol is unable to think clearly, make sound decisions, reason logically, and coordinate their muscles. All of these are critical functions needed to drive a vehicle responsibly. 

Of course, these effects vary in degree: the higher the amount of alcohol is in the person’s bloodstream, the more the effects. However, even if the person suspects a small amount of alcohol won’t impair their driving abilities, they’re most likely overestimating their cognitive abilities. 

Consequences of drinking and driving

Many negative consequences can result from driving impaired. These consequences won’t harm you alone (the impaired driver) but can harm all of those on the road around. An impaired driver can crash into objects on the road, into other cars, or even fall off the road. The consequences are usually severe and very tragic, which could have been easily prevented if the driver wasn’t under the influence of alcohol.

Aside from tragic consequences, there are other consequences the driver might face. These include having to pay large medical bills, legal expenses, insurance bills, and property damage, if there is any. 

And because there’s proof that the driver was impaired, insurance companies most likely won’t help in repairing your vehicle. Hence, you’ll need a DUI lawyer if you’ve been in a car crash due to drunk driving.

“Insurance companies will try to trick you into proving that you have been driving impaired; that’s when a DUI lawyer comes in handy – they will prevent you from saying something that could be held against you,” Says Arizona DUI lawyers.

 In addition to that, there are legal consequences which can range from having to pay a fine, getting your driving license taken, or even being arrested for a long duration. In 2019, a woman got sentenced to nine years in prison for drunk driving in Palm Bay, Florida.

The question is: what is the responsible thing to do when you have been drinking?

The answer is simple and straightforward: never drink and drive.

Before you plan a night or day out drinking, here are some things you must take into consideration:

1. Before you go to the place you will drink, you need to plan your ride home. If you’re a group of friends, choose one of you to stay sober and drive the whole group home, and maybe take turns being sober for each night you decide to go out drinking. Planning is important because what usually happens is when you’re drunk, you don’t want to think about who will drive you home, so you end up taking the car and driving anyway.

2. Notice if anyone around you has been drinking and has no ride home. Because nine times out of ten, that person is planning on driving. Them driving won’t only put their lives in danger but also others. If you find someone you know drinking, don’t let them drive under any circumstance. Take their car keys from them, and either you drive them home if you’re sober, arrange with someone else who hasn’t been drinking, or even call a cab.

3. If you have been drinking alone, and are desperate for a ride home, do not get behind the wheel. You can call a cab or even call a friend or family member to come to pick you up. 

4. If you’re the one who hosted a party and has guests who rink, make sure that everyone rides with a sober driver. Check with every person who is leaving about how they are planning to get home, and maybe arrange that some of them ride together with a sober driver or call a taxi.

5. Never ride in a car without having your seat belt on. Seat belts can save you from fatal accidents. There could be impaired drivers on the road – and having a seat belt on might save you from tragic consequences. 

6. If you suspect that someone on the road is driving impaired, contact the police. The simple call you make can possibly save someone’s life.