Custom Orthotics: What Are They And How Do They Benefit You?

By  //  August 18, 2022

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Custom Orthotics: What Exactly Are They?

Before delving deeper into the world of orthotics, it’s important to understand what custom orthotics are. They are essentially wholly personalized and tailor-made insoles that hug and cradle your feet.

There’s no appropriate one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to podiatry. Regardless of what you may have heard, foot problems are different for everyone, manifesting in a wide range of ways that differ from one person to the next.

Custom orthotics help address issues found within YOUR feet because they are manufactured to meet your specifications. Professional podiatrists will use modern technology to take careful measurements of your feet and to create an image rendering of the details of your feet. These digital molds are then sent to a laboratory where custom orthotics are manufactured just for you.

What Are The Benefits of Custom Orthotics?

1. They offer a completely personal approach to resolving foot problems.

Custom orthotics are manufactured after a very detailed map of your feet highlight any structural problems you may suffer from. As such, these insoles take into consideration your actual weight along with specialty issues you may suffer from such as flat or collapsed arches, and even high arches! Orthotic Shop helps to people who need relief from heel, foot or arch pain.

2. Custom insoles provide the correct amount of support.

Another advantage of getting completely custom orthotics is they help balance your body’s movement. As an example, just think back to a time when you knew you were wearing the wrong type of footwear for a certain event. Now, imagine you’re an athlete with high arches and often compete in championships. Getting adequate support in your footwear may oftentimes point to the difference between winning and losing.

3. Prevent injuries from ever happening.

More than 8 million Americans suffer some kind of athletic related injury every year. Any amount of pain you suffer as a result of your injury will cause you to strain your muscles and force your body to move when it doesn’t want to or can’t. Not only will your movements become stilted, but they will no longer prove efficient and will also contribute to a great deal of muscular pain.

Custom orthotics are able to help relieve the pressure your body is subjected to. As they uniquely hug the form of your feet, you will protect your hips, lower back, and knees from falling out of proper alignment. By forcing your body to work less, you decrease your chances of an injury and lower inflammation.

4. Realign your body to its natural position.

Most alignment problems start with your feet, which is why athletes are so reliant on custom orthotics. Whether you flex your feet or force your collapsed arches to work, it triggers a response from your body that does affect your spine, hips, and knees.

Custom orthotics have the ability to correct these postural issues and ensure that your body is in proper alignment. As your hips and feet line up properly, you’re placing less stress on your spine.

5. Get enhanced performance with custom orthotics.

Considered the ultimate secret weapon in every athlete’s toolbox, custom orthotics can prevent injuries, help with spinal alignment, and even correct biomechanical foot problems. The right custom insoles help you meet the demands of any sport while ensuring your athletic performance is on top!