Easy Ways To Take Your Next Pool Party to the Next Level

By  //  August 13, 2022

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Pool parties with friends and family are such a great time, but are you ready to take these parties to the next level? You’ve got the table of yummy summertime food like barbecue, fresh fruit, chips and dip, and great drinks.

You have the cute decorations and corn hole set up, but you really want to differentiate your pool party from the rest of them. Read on to learn what you can add to your pool party roster to make your party the coolest around town.

Waterproof speaker

Nothing kills the vibe quicker than a speaker that breaks due to water damage from a rogue rainstorm or accidentally falling into the pool. Prevent losing your tunes by investing in a waterproof speaker that can take a tumble to two into the pool without risking damage. Many waterproof speakers on the market also make it easy to pair with other speakers for the ultimate surround sound experience.

Pool floats

One of the easiest and cost effective ways to bring your pool party to the next level is with pool floats. There are many different sizes, shapes and colors of pool floats that you’re sure to find a great addition or two for your next get together. You can get beach balls that look like coconuts, floating palm trees, a big flamingo to sit on, or even comfortable loungers so your guests can relax in the water.

Customizable drink koozies

If you’re considering investing in a fun take-home gift for your partygoers, look into customizing a drink koozie that they can use that day and at pool parties in the future. Not only are koozies great at keeping drinks at the perfect drinkable temperature, but they’re also great souvenirs that can be reused time and time again. Your guest might even take it to a different pool party and show off your cool gift to others.

Matching swimsuits

The world seemingly revolves around social media these days, and many people are wondering how they can make their pool party the most Instagrammable. An easy way to achieve Instagrammability is to provide matching swimsuits or coverups for your guests. This has been made popular by bachelor and bachelorette parties, but who’s to say your mid-summer cookout can’t join in the matching fun? You can also consider planning a themed or costume pool party so everyone can show off their cool outfits.

Create a selfie wall

On the topic of being Instagrammable, a selfie wall is a must if you’re looking to make your pool party a picture perfect destination for your guests. You can craft your own for cheap by using streamers and decorations from an arts and crafts store or you can hire a florist to create a beautiful wall of greenery or fresh flowers. The world is your oyster here and you don’t have to spend a lot of money to have this be a hit with your guests. An easy and inexpensive way to boost the fun at your selfie wall is to print out fun signs that say “which way to the buffet?” or “Did somebody say tacos?” Use your creativity to make the signs relevant to your event.

Use a designated hashtag

Once your guests have taken tons of selfies and group photos, tell them the use a specific hashtag for your event. This way, everyone who attended the party can look through the photos and relive the amazing memories. Weddings have traditionally used fun last name puns, but you don’t have to put too much thought into it. Just make sure it isn’t being used by another group so your photos don’t get mixed in with the wrong crowd. Here are a few ideas to consider: #XYZsBackyardBash2k22, #XYZsCannonballContest22, or #XYZsSummerCookout2022.

Signature cocktail

Whether you’re into Dirty Shirleys or mocktails or more your speed, crafting a special drink for your pool party guests will take your backyard hangout to the next level. The classic combo for summer time activities is rum with various fruit juices. A few days before your event, practice crafting the perfect drink and then make it in bulk for your guests to enjoy upon arrival.

Poolside activities

Aside from the traditional activities like corn hole and tossing a football around, there’s not much to do at a pool party other than listen to music, eat some food and hang out in the pool. The most interactive way to differentiate your party from the rest is by adding a plethora of games for your guests to enjoy.

A simple and cost effective is adding a ring toss to your outside pool deck. This is popular at many bars and will keep guests entertained for hours on end. Also, the serotonin hit after hooking the ring is second to none. Give your guests the gift of joy by adding this game and researching others you can add to boost their enjoyment while in your company.