Get Crypto With Micro-Tasks: JumpTask Marketplace Review

By  //  August 18, 2022

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Would you like to get started with cryptocurrencies? Unfortunately, many people don’t know where to start. Others might hesitate to put their own funds into this asset class. But what if there was a way to get crypto tokens without buying them?

The good news is that there is a new marketplace called JumpTask. They claim that their platform provides freelancers a chance to complete simple tasks and earn crypto tokens. 

JumpTask seems to provide an interesting way for people to get paid in cryptocurrency. However, let’s dig deeper to see if the platform is delivering on its promise.

What Is JumpTask?

JumpTask offers freelancers a platform with microtasks that people complete and get paid. The unique point about JumpTask is that workers collect cryptocurrency for each completed task. JumpToken (JMPT) is the platform’s own token that can be bought or sold for fiat currency.

The project already has a large community of freelancers, even though JumpTask launched only at the beginning of 2022. Since January, the platform has attracted over 1M active users. 

How to get started? It’s pretty simple. You need a crypto wallet first to begin collecting payments. If you have never used one before, no problem: a new wallet is automatically created once you use social logins to register. And that’s it – when your wallet is ready, you can start collecting JMPT by completing various tasks.

What Can I Do On JumpTask?

You can pick one of several available ways to earn crypto on JumpTask. Most of the tasks are beginner-friendly, which makes the platform perfectly suitable for beginner gig workers. However, more experienced freelancers might miss more complex tasks which require skills. Nevertheless, as mentioned in their whitepaper, JumpTask intends to add more earning types.

One way to earn crypto passively is by sharing your internet connection. How does it work? First, you download the Honeygain application, which is a partner of JumpTask. After that, all you need to do is let the app run in the background and share your device’s internet bandwidth. This method of earning allows you to get paid without any effort.

Another way to earn money in crypto involves completing microtasks. The earning type is called Offerwalls and includes tasks such as solving puzzles, watching videos, or downloading and testing new apps. What’s beneficial for users is that anyone can complete these tasks and collect JMPT without specific skills or significant time commitments.

The third way to get crypto is called Games. That’s right: you can participate in various games, reach milestones, and get JMPT. You don’t have to complete a whole game to receive the reward. Instead, you receive JumpTokens with each completed milestone. JumpTask regularly updates the games’ list so that users can have a go at many different options.

Other Ways To Earn JMPT

There are two other methods for you to get JumpTokens. These work great if you wish to increase your earnings on JumpTask.

First, you can participate in community giveaways organized on JumpTask’s social media channels. For example, the most significant event is the monthly Windrop. It’s a monthly token giveaway during which you have a chance to win JMPT. You need to meet specific requirements before entering the giveaway. Check Twitter and Discord of JumpTask for more information.

Second, there is a way to use existing JumpTokens to get JMPT rewards. The crypto community knows this method well: it’s called staking. Not sure what that is? The mechanics are pretty simple. In a nutshell, staking is very similar to a usual savings account. First, you deposit your tokens and then earn JMPT rewards as simple interest on your holdings.

JumpTaks Versus Other Platforms

You might be wondering: why is JumpTask better for beginners than other freelancer platforms? You might already know job marketplaces such as UpWork. If you are taking your first steps into freelancing, JumpTask has several advantages.  

First of all, JumpTask offers tasks that are beginner-friendly. You might need specific skills such as website development, programming, or graphic design on other platforms. However, as a beginner, you might not possess such skills yet. On JumpTask, you can start earning instantly without any expert knowledge.

Second, you will have more flexibility on JumpTask than on other marketplaces. If a project is very complicated, it will require much of your time before it is completed. With JumpTask, most of the tasks take minutes to complete before you start earning. This means that you can easily manage microtasks with a full-time job or college studying.


Overall, JumpTask allows you to get crypto by completing simple tasks. Currently, the platform is beginner-friendly, and freelancing professionals might find the available jobs too basic. However, the platform is updated regularly, and more earning types are added every quarter. Try JumpTask to earn on the side by collecting crypto tokens – JMPT.