Golf For Beginners: What Makes a Good Golf Swing?

By  //  August 4, 2022

Golf is a fascinating sport that demands patience and practice, and whether you’ve dabbled with it in the past or are starting from scratch, it’s important to be aware of the fundamentals. Swinging a club is definitely one of the first things you’ll have to get familiarized with if you want to make the best out of your time on the golf course.

The Swing

The golf swing consists of a series of actions that a golf player must complete in order to hit the ball correctly and achieve the desired distance and direction. How you position yourself to strike the golf ball is a crucial aspect of the game and where most beginners make mistakes. If your setup is right, hitting the golf ball will be much easier.

Before swinging your golf club out on the course or at the practice range, you have to understand:

■ Grip

■ Aim 

■ Posture

If you master these three golf swing fundamentals, you’ll be well on your way to hitting some fantastic golf shots. 

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The Grip

Start by holding the top of the grip with your right hand, then put your left hand against the grip from the side, with your fingers pointing down toward the ground. The grip must extend from the middle joint of the index finger to the base of the pinkie. Once the left hand is in place, wrap the fingers of the right hand around the club and put the right hand on the grip.

With your left hand in this position, wrap your hand around the grip. You should feel as if you’re mostly holding the golf club with your fingers. It should also feel as if your fingers, lower palm, and grip are in close contact. This is a positive indicator that you will be able to maintain control of the golf club throughout the swing.

Observe how the entire golf grip positions the hands as though they are one item. This is a characteristic that all excellent golfers possess. It guarantees that you apply the same amount of power to the golf club with both hands, as opposed to the two hands struggling against one another.

The Aim

It might seem difficult to aim from afar, but to simplify this process, picture a line from the target to the ball, then choose a location a few feet in front of the ball on that line to help you align properly. 

This might be a patch of darker grass, a divot, or anything else. Then, begin your golf pre-shot routine in which you place the clubhead behind the ball, aiming over that point, then set up and assume your stance around the clubface, as opposed to just stepping in and placing the club behind the ball.

You should aim where you want to shoot, but it’s also important to note that you may not always want to align directly with the target. Right-handed golfers should aim to the left to allow for a fade or to the right to allow for a draw, while left-handed golfers should do the opposite.

The Posture

Allow your arms to hang freely at your sides while maintaining a straight posture. Clap them in unison. You should hold the club exactly where your hands clap. This guarantees that your club is aligned with your body so that your angles are ideal when you bend at the hip. The shoulders and head should face downwards, relaxed, and motionless to achieve proper posture.

Here are some more recommendations to help you maintain the proper golf posture:

■ Straighten your back and shoulders.

■ Your arms need to be straight and relaxed.

■ Hold the club at waist level.

■ Gently bend from the hips till the clubhead reaches the ground.

■ Place your weight on the balls of your feet while slightly bending your knees.

Remember that the optimal golf stance for irons and putters is shoulder-width apart, while drivers and fairway woods need a slightly wider stance. This posture provides both balance to swing through and stability to transfer weight while rotating. 

Bottom Line

If you’re reading this article, you must surely be interested in taking up golf and understanding the basics. The good news is that you can actually practice your swing, as well as other fundamental aspects of golf from the comfort of your own home. Rather than going at it alone and getting frustrated, perfect your shots with Performance Golf, a premium service that offers online courses for beginners and professionals.