How to Choose from the Different Types of Wax for Hair Removal

By  //  August 25, 2022

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Waxing has become a popular procedure. It is a way to remove unwanted body hair. Today, waxing is done not only in beauty salons, but also at home. For maximum effect, it is necessary not only to conduct the procedure correctly, but also to choose the right wax. How many types of wax exist?

Which wax is best for bikini wax, and which one should be used to depilate the legs? Let’s answer these and other questions below. 

What kind of wax for depilation

The wax can be:

    – Hot (Hard)

    – Warm (Soft)

Let’s take a closer look at each type.

Hot wax is available in the form of pellets, bars, tablets and disks. Wax in pellet melts as quickly as possible. It is heated up to 113-116°F, applied to the skin along the hair growth line. The wax is torn from the skin against the growth of the hair. Versatile for different skin areas and makes the procedure less painful.

Warm (soft) wax

Вased on pine resin, white beeswax or honey. Various plant extracts are also added to it for additional skin care. Warm wax can be used for home depilation. It is easily heated, with only 98-100°F.

Choosing a wax for specific body areas

Once you’ve studied the types of waxes, it’s time to figure out which areas are best suited for which waxes. You’ll be able to find the perfect wax for waxing a particular body area. Although it’s worth noting that today there is also a universal wax.

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What kind of wax to do bikini waxing?

The ideal material for the delicate zone is considered a film wax. Its melting temperature is 40-42 degrees, which is safe for sensitive skin. When applying heated wax, the skin is not burned, it feels only a pleasant warmth. Membranous wax is characterized by plasticity, repeats every curve of the body and easily removes hairs of any length.

Wax that’s good for leg waxing

The best way to remove hair on the legs is to use warm medium density wax. It is most convenient to use wax in cartridges. So the material is easy to apply and evenly distributed on an even surface. And at the same time you can cover a large area of the skin. You can also use granular membranous wax for depilation of the legs.

Choosing an underarm wax

Membranous wax removes hair in the armpit area with high quality. Minimal painful sensation. Suitable for skin that is prone to irritation. Leaves no discomfort after application. 

Which wax should a beginner choose?

Never waxed before? Then start with warm wax. Even the beginner waxer can handle it. It can be purchased either in a jar or in cartridges. The second option is great for home depilation.

Conclusion. There are four main types of wax: warm, hot, membranous and cold. Each of the materials has its own characteristics, suitable for different areas of the skin. We recommend that you try each option to find the one that suits you and your skin.