How to Pick the Best Bonus at an Online Casino

By  //  August 5, 2022

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The existence of choice is routinely seen as a good thing for any consumer. When you have a bunch of options to choose from, you can judge one against another, evaluate the pros and cons, and pick the option that suits you best.

However, the one problem with this process is that sometimes having a lot of options to pit against one another can leave you nonplussed, almost paralyzed by the range of choice.

When it comes to online casinos, the wealth of options in front of you can be quite intimidating. The chances are that they’re all good, and in the fullness of time it’s possible that you’ll find more than one of them to be to your liking. For many people, the best way to mark one casino above all others is on the bonus offers.

Every casino, knowing that their potential customers are spoiled for choice, will put a great deal of effort into putting on the best offers. For you, the customer, knowing how to evaluate bonuses will make a big difference.

What kind of offer is it?

You won’t have to look far to find the offer being promoted by an online casino. It will be posted on the site, usually being the first thing you see when you arrive there. It will use very few words, but the words it does use are the key. Is it offering free spins? Is it promising risk-free play? Is it among the 5 highest US casino Matched Deposit Bonuses? The latter is always a good sign – matched deposits can be some of the most beneficial offers a casino will put on, as it allows you to double your betting bankroll.

What are the Ts and Cs?

The terms and conditions of an offer should be quite easy to find – and in fact, if they are not, this should be seen as a red flag right away. If you have to do a lot of digging to find an offer’s Ts and Cs, you should ask yourself why they’ve been hidden away.

When you do find them, ascertain how much you need to deposit to get the full benefit of the bonus, find out when the bonus expires, and also see what the wagering requirements of the offer are. If you have two almost identical offers to choose between, and one has lower playthrough requirements, go for that one.

Check beyond the signup offer

Many online casinos put a lot of effort into the signup promotion, looking to get new customers into their lobbies. When you click through to the Promotions tab, you should be hoping to see more offers that you can use even after the signup is over and done with. Sites like Casinosformoney evaluate the best sites based on what they offer on an ongoing basis.

If a casino doesn’t bother with incentives once you’re already a customer, consider playing on other sites that do reward repeat players.