How to Rent a House in Goa?

By  //  August 1, 2022

A home is one of the essentials to living a decent life. A home is necessary because you need shelter to protect yourself. However, not everyone has the resources to buy their own home, which requires a lot of investment. Rather, most people take loans or invest their life savings towards buying a house. Hence, getting a house for rent in North Goa is preferable. 

Renting is easier compared to buying. Especially for people moving to a city for a short duration, renting is the most appropriate process to find a home. Unless one has direct contact with a house owner willing to rent their property, they must go through the due process to find and rent a flat. The process of finding and renting a house is being discussed ahead. 

■ Hire a broker – the first and the most significant step in finding a 2 BHK flat for rent in North Goa is to find a broker. A broker would be able to provide you with options and alternatives to renting. Homeowners hire brokers to find tenants who can live in their properties and pay monthly rent. Hence, the brokers would be a link between the property owners and tenants. They have various listings of properties that are available for rent. Also, discuss the commission that would be charged by the broker beforehand.

■ Mention your preferences – the second step to renting a house in Goa is to mention your preferences and expectations to the broker. Not every individual has the same preferences such as rent, location, size of the property, etc. You may want a house for rent in North Goa instead of South Goa. Also, you may be looking for a studio apartment or a 1 BHK flat because you aim to live alone in the city. Mention such preferences to the broker so that they show you appropriate properties. 

■ Go house hunting – the third step is to go house hunting. Hiring a broker is not enough. You would need to take out time and check each house and property. You would have to visit each property with the broker and check the area, design, and construction of the house and other amenities nearby. Doing so is necessary to choose a flat that suits your needs the best. 

■ Ask questions – while you check different houses with the broker, ensure that you ask all relevant questions. Enquire about the rent and deposit amounts, the amenities available in the flat and in the locality, and any potential restrictions. Also, raise questions about the maintenance of the house and repainting before moving in. Make inquiries about who your landlord would be and their background.

■ Meet the landlord – after you have spent time house-hunting and chosen a 2 BHK flat for rent in North Goa, ask the broker to arrange a meeting with the landlord. Meet the landlord before entering into a rent agreement for several reasons. Firstly, you should know about the landlord’s background and who they are. Further, raise all the questions again so that there is a verification of the information provided by the broker. Eventually, you would share the relationship with the landlord and not the broker. Hence, all terms should be clear before entering the agreement. Ask the landlord about the dates and expected mode of payment for deposit and rent.   

■ Rent agreement – the next step is to decide the rent agreement terms with the landlord. Make a list of the terms you would want to add to the rent agreement like deposit amount, rent amount, maintenance responsibility, duration of the agreement, etc. Discuss these terms with the broker or the landlord and ensure they are included in the agreement. 

■ Sign the agreement/pay the deposit – once the rent agreement has been made for a house for rent in North Goa, read it properly and sign it. Ensure that all the terms have been written in the agreement and are accurate based on previous discussions with the landlord/broker. If the landlord had promised to repaint the house, check that such repainting is done. You can also point out any repairs to be made at this stage. Once you are satisfied, sign the agreement and get a copy of it for safekeeping. Also, pay the deposit for the flat and get the keys to the house from the landlord. 

■ Move in – this stage brings an end to the tedious process of finding an apartment. Move into your new house and set up your furniture and belongings as per your choice. Ensure that you pay the rent timely to the landlord as per the agreement and avoid causing any issues and nuisance. 


If you are moving to a new city and do not have any accommodation, it is necessary to follow the above steps to rent accommodation. It is not difficult to rent an apartment. But, following the steps helps find the right property to be rented from secure landlords. A significant change occurs in one’s life when one moves to a new city.

Home is the safe space to come back to after a tiring day of exploring and struggling in a new city. Hence, finding a home that would be your haven requires some effort. You can also find apartments online in North Goa from dedicated websites like