Is Taking BCAA Supplements A Right Choice?

By  //  August 20, 2022

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Since BCAAs are proteins, they serve the same purpose in our bodies as other proteins do. The majority of people who use BCAA supplements are those who engage in weightlifting or intense athletic exercises.

In order to increase their performance and for a quick healing process, they require protein synthesizers.

BCAA supplements are available as pills or powder. BCAA can be taken along with other dietary supplements like glutamine and creatine powder. Supplements are a great way to immediately obtain the necessary nutrients. Please be aware that most of the supplements in the market don’t contain quality ingredients. So, always invest in the quality supplements and consulting a doctor before taking any supplements is a must. 

How BCAA Help During Workout

 During exercise, BCAAs provide an important fuel source for the muscles.

During intense workouts, they improve muscle performance and provide strength to the body.

It alleviates muscle soreness and damage caused by exercise.

It keeps tryptophan away from the brain, reducing fatigue during exercise.

Increases muscle mass after exercise by stimulating protein synthesis.

It gives your muscles energy during prolonged exercise.

Increases immunity and aids the body’s ability to recover quickly.

Understanding The BCAA Needs 

For better results your daily intake of BCAA should be correct or that suits your body. Generally, recommended daily intake of BCAA is considered to be 5–10 grams per day, depending on your exercise routine.

Men’s BCAA Dosage

Men should take between 15 and 20 grams per day. You can maintain it if you do not exercise vigorously twice a day. You can increase your dosage if you are an athlete as per your requirement.

Women’s BCAA Dosage

Women who regularly exercise should limit their intake to 3-5 grams per day. Meaning you can consume BCAA powder once or twice daily. If you do intense training, you can consume up to 12 grams a day. Divide your daily intake into three to four serves.

Right Time to Take BCAAs

BCAAs can be consumed prior to, during, or following a workout. The blood levels of amino acids are quickly raised by BCAAs, which also encourage protein synthesis and stop muscle breakdown. They give you more energy to exercise when you take them before it, and they support muscle recovery post workout. If you don’t get enough protein from your diet, you can also take a BCAA supplement in between meals.


The branched-chain amino acids (BCAAs) are crucial for those who do high-intensity training or workouts for extended periods of time. If you are on a strict diet and aren’t getting enough protein, BCAAs can help. 

Taking BCAA supplements is not recommended if you are completely inactive throughout the day. Instead, you should focus on getting BCAA from the food you eat. BCAAs can be found in abundance in vegetarian foods such as dairy products, lentils, brown rice, soy, chickpeas and nuts. BCAA-rich non vegetarian foods are chicken, salmon turkey, eggs and tuna.

Have you tried BCAA supplements? Feel free to share your experience with us in the comments section below.