Major Boxing Fixtures Coming to Your Screens in 2022

By  //  August 4, 2022

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Boxing is a very interesting physical sport that requires a lot of training to reach the top level. A lot of people watch boxing for entertainment. While some take boxing seriously and even want to become professionals, some just use it as an escape in order to let out steam from the daily hustle.

Boxing is a major event with so many councils and with broadcasters continuing to want to showcase the best the sport has to offer, there are huge contests taking place every week.

Here are some of the major fights scheduled to take place in the near future and some crucial information concerning them, like their venue and the time they will begin.

Jake Paul vs. Hasim Rahman Jr.

This promises to be an interesting bout between the not-so-experienced Jake Paul and the more experienced Hasim Rahman. The match, scheduled to be held on August 6, 2022, will take place at Madison Square Garden in New York, United States of America at 9 p.m. Eastern time.

The match is well anticipated by boxing fans as threats and violent comments between the two boxers are being said to one another, with Hasim Rahman threatening to hurt Jake Paul badly. It is expected to be a good watch, with YouTuber-turned-boxer Paul favored to come out victorious.

Teofimo Lopez vs. Pedro Campa

The match, scheduled to happen on August 13, 2022, will have everything fans of boxing all over the world are looking for. Teofimo Lopez, having held multiple titles in the past, has an impressive record of 16 wins in 17 total fights in his career. Pedro, his opponent, also has a very convincing resume, winning 34 bouts out of 36. The match is to happen at the Resorts World Event Center, Las Vegas, Nevada, US, by 10 p.m. Eastern time.

Oleksandr Usyk vs. Anthony Joshua

One of the most anticipated fixtures is this one, between two of the biggest heavyweights in the sport. Oleksandr Usyk’s record is really superb, as he has fought in 19 matches and won them all, including beating Anthony Joshua on the road to being the IBO heavyweight champion.

AJ, on the other hand, has won 24 of his 26 contests. The matchup between the two boxers is highly anticipated as both are exceptional when in the ring, and as a result, fans will want to engage in boxing betting as it will be a rematch of the last time they met, thus adding even more intrigue and interest to the contest that is scheduled to take place.

The favorable odds for the match include odds of -195 for an Usyk win, +1600 for a draw, and +160 odds for an Anthony Joshua win. They will fight on August 20, 2022, at Jeddah Super Don Jeddah, in Saudi Arabia, at 10 p.m. Eastern time.

KSI vs. Alex Wassabi

This match is expected to be an interesting matchup between two YouTubers/internet sensations, but inexperienced boxers in the game. After KSI called out people on his YouTube channel, asking anyone to challenge him, several people did, including Alex Wassabi, who came in last place after a public poll. The match is scheduled to be held at The 02 Arena in London, United Kingdom, on August 27, 2022.

Canelo Alvarez vs. Gennady Golovkin

This is a matchup between two well-known Champions who have both won various championships in different weights. The match is set to be a very interesting one as both of the boxers are expected to bring their best skills to the table.

Since they are both experienced and very athletic sportsmen, there should be high expectations for this matchup. They have met before in a matchup, with Canelo Alvarez coming out on top in that fixture after a controversial result. This match is set to be held at T-Mobile Arena, Paradise, Nevada, United States. It will be held on September 17, 2022, at 10 p.m. Eastern time.

Floyd Mayweather Vs Mikuru Asakura

Floyd Mayweather, who recently came out of retirement after going down as one of the greatest boxers in history, came out of retirement after going down with an undefeated record and winning 15 major championships.

The veteran boxer has been in the game for years and is expected to still compete in the next few years to come. He has an impressive record of 50 wins in 50 games. In an exhibition match that will be held in September 2022 in Japan, Floyd Mayweather will face mixed martial artist Mikuru Asakura in what is sure to be an intriguing matchup between the two boxers.


The rest of the year 2022 promises to be an interesting one for fans all over the world as there are a lot of juicy fixtures and matchups to look out for.