Men’s Fashion Tips: How to Build a Great Outfit

By  //  August 13, 2022

How important is fashion to men? It shouldn’t come as a surprise to you these days, that men are very attuned to fashion and have just as much desire to build a great wardrobe and wear outfits that reflect their personalities, drive, and desires. 

A study by Kelton Research has shown that when a man is seen as well dressed, they are considered sexier, smarter, more successful, and do better overall in their relationships. The most important take-away from this study is that a great outfit is just as important to a man as it is to women – and it’s okay to talk about it.

Every men’s outfit, whether it’s casual, sporty, business, or formal, starts with a fashionable foundation. There’s no better way to achieve that than with tank tops for men.

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Tanks tops and T-shirts in basic colors like black, white, and navy, are recommended as a staple in every man’s wardrobe. They are often worn under dress shirts, button-down shirts, and sweatshirts and are not always visible.

Choosing to wear a designed tank top without coverage is definitely a casual outfit, but can go a long way in expressing a man’s personality. Many men’s tank tops come with abstract designs, logos or sayings, themes, and are even plain – and every one makes an impact.

Paired with jeans, shorts, or any type of sport bottoms, the tank top can go from a casual outfit to a sports one, and then back again. It is probably the most versatile wardrobe item, and therefore essential to build a great outfit.

Casual Build

The next step from tank tops, is the classic T-shirt. By far the most popular staple in a man’s wardrobe. It is also the most buildable. Paired with jeans and sneakers, the T-shirt is street style cool. But wear a T-shirt with chinos and boots, and you now have an elevated outfit. Wear dress shoes instead and you’ve elevated this fashion combination.

With pants, most men tend to stick with one type (usually jeans), and one size and don’t often build an outfit. The same as the shirts, a man’s wardrobe should find casual, well-fitted pants in staple colors (like the T-shirts/tank tops). There should also be dress pants to build upon.


It goes without saying that a man’s confidence is directly related to his wardrobe or outfit. As studies have shown, the perception of how a man dresses impacts their confidence, and is linked to their success.

This translates easily to the office environment, where studies have shown that most people think a well-dressed man is more successful in the workplace. Even some men believe that if they dressed better, they would earn more money.

When building a great outfit for the office, it doesn’t matter if well-dressed to you means a 3-piece suit or dark denim jeans and a casual dress shirt. The most important thing is for men to build their outfit to fit their own personal style, because that is the way they will gain the most confidence.

Casual Life

Most of us spend the majority of our time dressed casually. And we aren’t talking about what you strip down to when you’re in the comfort of your own home. Whenever you aren’t working, or dressed up for some occasion the outfit is considered casual.

To build a casual outfit, we still start, and often stop with the basics. For men, that base is usually a tank top or T-shirt. Make sure when choosing which shirts to include in your wardrobe, that you’re considering the items you will pair them with.

While “anything” can go with jeans, there are often more suitable or desirable options. A tank top may be great in an outdoor environment, but may not be practical in colder climates or go with anything you wear on a daily basis.

There are important fashion tips for men to remember when building an outfit. Clothes should reflect his personality, but be appropriate to the occasion and climate.

A man’s outfit should be built casually with layered wardrobe pieces. Professional attire should be comfortable, yet build confidence while keeping true to his own sense of style. And finally, when going casual, to be true to himself and wear what works best for his life activities.

A good outfit starts with a solid foundation – tank tops and T-shirts in basic colors, and should always be comfortable. Clothing should fit, meaning a man should be willing to get measurements if needed to be sure wardrobe choices wear well and fit appropriately.

While some theories have tried to suggest that men have no eye for fashion, new studies show a trend in men actively engaging in building their outfits and wardrobes with intentional style.