Reasons Why You Need a Digital Marketing Strategy

By  //  August 15, 2022

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While most businesses have cottoned onto the importance of digital channels for a comprehensive digital marketing strategy, many have not created a formal plan and continue to approach the matter haphazardly.

Each business is unique and there is no single strategy that is right for any company. You need to prioritize the essential components according to what you can afford on your marketing budget. We provide some essential reasons why you need to get your strategy in place for 2022/23.

Covering the Six Pillars of an Effective Strategy 

A strategy can only be effective if it covers all six pillars of a digital marketing plan. This is why you need to formalize it. The first pillar, planning, and governance encompass aspects such as budget, ROI, technology, and digital transformation. Goals and measurement involve customer profiles and digital KPIs and dashboards.

Media looks at paid, earned, and owned media, for example. Content must pay attention to the bottom, middle, and top-of-funnel. Experience relates to the customer’s experience and conversion rate. Conversational messaging covers email and mobile marketing, bots, CRM, and automation. 


Potential customers need to be able to find you ahead of your competitors when they perform an online search. Google, Instagram, Facebook, and LinkedIn all use algorithms that determine how visible you are. Your strategy should enable you to increase your rankings on SEO

Changes to Advertising 

Historically, companies relied on print media like newspaper ads and flyers. Bigger businesses used radio and television channels. Today, everything happens online and without a digital marketing strategy, you are not promoting your product or service where everyone else is.

The Digital Consumer

The digital consumer has a different profile from the traditional buyer. Purchasing behavior is guided by different motivations. Covid had a lot to do with accelerating this. You need to map out the online marketplace, your key online customer profile, and what the competition is doing.

In addition, you should also keep in mind that 90% of the global population owns a mobile phone, which means that reaching your clients across the world via bulk SMS messaging has never been easier.

SMS texting combines a powerful combination of strong reach and engagement, ease of use, quick delivery, and low cost, making it an extremely effective marketing tool for driving sales and revenue.

The best part is that SMS messages can be automated to send confirmations or promotional campaigns, to track information, or to remind clients of their abandoned carts. This way, businesses of all shapes and sizes can provide the best possible customer experience.

Online Value Proposition

Your brand appeal to an online consumer base needs to be approached strategically. The online value proposition includes a streamlined, interactive, and user-friendly customer experience that was not possible before digital media. It must target each of your customer profiles specifically and uniquely. This will help you build customer loyalty.

Assigning a Realistic Budget

An integrated digital marketing strategy will identify a realistic budget. This is how you interact with consumers, create a loyal customer base, and achieve a high conversion rate. You need to know what it will cost to reach your penetration and market share goals.

An Objective, Competitive Digital Marketing Strategy

Your competitors may have the edge on you if they have an integrated digital marketing strategy in place and you don’t. Additionally, with the fast-paced nature of the internet, this plan may need to be adjusted to account for new developments and technologies.

Partnering with an expert agency, such as Renaissance Digital Marketing, which has its finger on the digital pulse, can ensure that your company continues to adapt and thrive and that your strategy is based on objective, verifiable data. 

The right digital marketing strategy for 2022/3 will make the difference between an underperforming business with a great product and one that goes on to become a leader in its industry.